Baddie Aesthetic Lightroom Preset [+ Free Bonus: 70 Aesthetic images]


Give your photos a cool, sexy and fun vibe with the Baddie aesthetic Lightroom preset. And combine them with the 70 beautiful FREE images contained in this pack to get the aesthetic Insta feed of your dreams 💖✨

➜ This kit contains:

  • 1 DNG image with your Lightroom preset
  • 70 High res pink lifestyle images ready to use. Image sizes vary, starting from 1200px width.

➜ What you need:

  • The free app Lightroom on your phone.

➜ How to save the preset:

  1. You’ll receive a download link on your email after the purchase. Download the file on your phone.
  2. Unzip the folder and save the image that says “This is your preset” on your phone.
  3. Launch Lightroom, and open the image you’ve just saved.
  4. Click the three dots (…) in the right upper corner and select  “Create preset”.
  5. Chose a name and save the preset.
  6. That’s it! Now you can open your own photos on Lightroom and apply the preset you’ve created :)


➕ More products from the Baddie aesthetic:

Cry baby cry printable baddie aesthetic poster image

Printable "cry baby cry" super cute pink aesthetic poster 💕☁✨

➜ This kit contains: 1 high res printable pdf file. Size:  A3 (297 x 420mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inch).

➜ What you need: The ability to download and unzip the file on your computer and print them out, either at home or at a print shop.

➜ How to use this product:

  1. Download and unzip the folder;
  2. Select the files you'd like to use and print them at home or at a print shop.

Baddie aesthetic collage template: Easy-to-edit drag and drop on Canva

A super cool baddie aesthetic collage template on Canva that you can easily customize by dragging and dropping your own pics. All You need is a free Canva account! Learn more about the Baddie aesthetic here. 👛✨

➜ This product contains:

  • 1 collage template with 1000px (width)  x 1500px (height) 96dpi. The Canva elements contained in the templates are layered and editable.

➜ How to use the template:

  1. Click the link (on your computer or phone) and Canva will launch. You'll be required to login into your account.
  2. Edit your template anyway you want. Be creative! :)
  3. Export your design as PNG and use it as you wish.

➜ Made for: Girls and boys who love aesthetics and beautiful collages!

➜ What you need: A free Canva account and the ability to use it on your computer or phone. It also works on Pro Canva accounts. As a final touch, you can add a filter and some grain effect to the exported png file. For that,  I recommend the free apps VSCO or Picsart. The sparkle effect can be done using the free app Prequel :)

Here's a quick preview of how easy it is to customize Canva collages:

  1. Editing collage templates on Canva

90 App icons for home screen - Baddie aesthetic

➜ This kit contains: 90 aesthetic png app icons to customize your phone's home screen (300px x 300px 300dpi).

➜ How to use the icons:

  1. Download and unzip the folder;
  2. Follow this great tutorial on how to change the icons for your apps.


    The download link contains one zipped folder. In it, you’ll find a DNG image, which is the file that has the Lightroom preset saved. View the products instructions on how to use it. Also in the zipped folder are the 70 FREE stock photos ready to use, all curated and edited by me 💗💜

    ➜ Please read all the information below before placing the order:

    • This is a digital product, so I can’t offer any refunds if you change your mind after the purchase
    • In case you haven’t received the purchase confirmation email with your download link, please check your “Promotion” tab, and the spam and bin folders.
    • If you have any questions about this product, either before or after the purchase, please leave a comment on this page. I’ll reply very quickly, and other users might benefit from the information as well. If there’s any private information in your question that you wouldn’t like to share publicly, please send me an e-mail to [email protected]
    • Instagram DMs with questions about products might not be answered. The best ways to reach me are through comment (priority answers) and messages sent from the website contact form or to my email ([email protected])

    ➜ Terms and condition

    The purchase of this product grants you the non-exclusive rights to use the elements included on the folder in your personal and/or commercial projects, digital or print, for unlimited time. In no circumstances these elements can be resold or distributed, individually or collectively in their original form or edited.