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6 types of insta feeds that scream TROUBLE. And 6 much better options

As a designer, I always get super excited and happy when I see a gorgeous Instagram feed 💖 It even warms up my heart I little. But also, as a designer, I suffer to imagine how difficult to maintain certain types of feed and layouts. And it hurts even more to realise that certain feeds […]

Instagram Photo editing photography

Wanna learn how to take tumblr photos? Its soo easy. Here are the secrets!

Tumblr é um assunto frequente aqui no blog, né amores? Fiz um post explicando o que é foto tumblr, e é um dos mais acessados todo dia aqui. Bom saber que vocês curtem e querem saber mais sobre o tema . Naquele primeiro post, inclusive, eu…

Freebies Instagram

12 NEW Instagram feed dividers to make your feed super pretty and organized

Hey guys!! I’m super happy to know that the previous post with 13 post dividers for insta was such a success. You loved it, didn’t you! In the last weeks, it’s been the most viewd post every single day heer on the blog.


Instagram Feed Theme Aesthetic: Let it burn

Eu sei que a maioria dos feeds aqui do blog acaba sendo mais suave e delicado, ou pelo menos feminino. Então hoje pensei em sair um pouco da zona de conforto! Quis brincar com algo bem tumblr, mas…


30 super cool and cute caption ideas for travel photos on Insta

Nobody can argue that trips are the best moments to take pictures, right? Even those who never post on social media suddentely show up on our feeds even if just a little bit with a few shots of the journey. After all, it’s a special ocasion.. ✈🧡💙🌎 We’ve all been there, hopefully we’ll continue been […]

Instagram Photos

Jingle bells, jingle bells..! Cute pose ideas for Christmas pictures

Yayyy Christmas is coming, guys!! As promissed, here on the blog we’ll have many posts to help the celebration of holiday season even better this year 🎁✨ The subject of today’s post is cute pose ideas for Christmas pictures. Being from Brazil, I naturally avoided photos that are all about snow, winter time, warm clothes […]

Instagram Photo editing

White background photos for Instagram: how to take and edit them!

Oi amores, tudo bom?? Vejo bastante gente que admira ou tem vontade de ter um Instagram com fundo branco. É o seu caso? Foi por isso que vei parar aqui? Ou só tá curioso mesmo? Hehe! Não importa, tenho certeza que vai curtir o post…

Design Freebies

30 free paper textures for backgrounds ready to download and use

Heyy guys, how are you doing? Don’t you just love using good quality textures on design backgrounds? I’m always alert while browsing the web for good resourses to download and collect 💕✨ I love using paper textures because they’re light and easy to blend in, and it gives a human touch to the composition. So […]


30 awesome caption ideas for your selfies on Instagram

Hey guys! I’m so happy to share this post with you today. The blog is finally getting consistent and I could not be happier about it. My native language is PoRtuguese, but I’ve been translating more and more posts to English, so the information, tips and inspiration can reach more and more people everyday. LOVE […]