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    Instagram Photo editing

    Don’t know what to post on Instagram today? I’ll help you!

    It happens to everyone! 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

    Sometimes we feel uninspired, with nothing cool going on to photograph or to post… and little by little our Insta loses track.

    This is no problem at all, except when you’re working hard to get more followers. Whether because you’re promoting your blog, your products, or your own Instagram profile as a possible way to make money in the future.. 🤑

    If this is your case, you need to focus on the consistent frequency of posts. That is, try to post at least one photo per day. Another key factor for monetizing your Insta is to cultivate a cool aesthetic in your feed, preferably with a visual unit between the images. I recommend checking out my special about cohesive Instagram feeds here. It’s totally free!

    So I came up with these 12 ideas to inspire you guys to come up with new posts whenever you run out of ideas. I’ll also post the pictures I used (downloaded from this free stock image site). And I’ll explain a little bit about each post suggestion below.

    New on the shop:

    1. Beautiful pictures of landscape, nature, cool backgrounds etc go well when overlayed by a quote. It’s useful to have a propper app to create your own whenever you need it, like Canva, Meitu, Unfold, Picsart…

    2. You can recreate this photo very easily. A simple flatlay on your bed! Remember to pay extra attention the background, and create a scene with a few elements you love, like your favorite book + a cup of tea or coffee. Whenever possible, add some flowers or plants. They make ALL the difference! And hey, try to find a place full of natural light and your photo will look 10x more beautiful =)

    3. How about posting a photo of your favorite artist, or an incredible fashion editorial from decades ago, or a scene from the best movie you’ve ever seen? Here I posted 60 suuuuper cool pictures that might come in handy. Also, there’s an almost infinite supply of beautiful images on Tumblr and Pinterest, of course. Several it girls do this, and it is always a huge hit. But this should be done just every once in a while, obvs..

    4. Another easy idea to copy at home! No need to worry about doing your hair, makeup etc. Just set your camera timer or ask your sister / girlfriend / mother / whomever you have nearby to take it (in a very well lit place hehe), focusing on your bag or backpack and outfit. Remember the little trick of holding something in your hands, whether it’s a mug, or a cool item you have at home. Try to stick to the color palette that interests you the most.

    5. Are you in the mood to look gorgeous? So go wild on your best accessories and makeup skills. You can go a little extra, after all this is just for Insta! Instead of taking a selfie, use the camera timer, or put it in video mode and screenshot your favorite parts, then edit the screenshots on VSCO (post here). It is important not to use the front camera for maximum quality. And about lighting, you already know by now right????????? 😬

    6. Pets are always a hit on social media. Take your pup or kitten to a place full of light with a very neutral or very beautiful background and take a great pic. Garanteed success!

    7. Are you just hanging at home? Put on your coolest shoes and go to the garden. You can take amazing shots from an upper angle! Notice how they used the negatice space technique in this example? The wooden floor has no distractions and all the lines are straight, maintaining an impeccable alignment.

    8. Isn’t this pic beautiful? It’s attached to this post and you can use it anytime you want. You can add a cool, philosophical caption as well!

    9. Another suggestion for you to try at home, perfect for when the manicure is pretty and you want to show it to the world. Run to the backyard and try it with different plants. The long sleeve shirt appearing showing ALWAYS works too. You can put it on just for the picture. I do it all the time ahahah! And you know the rules, right? Neutral or beautiful background, lots of light and harmonic alignment 😉

    10. Let’s be honest: there’s always a good old throwback pic saved and ready to be used in time of need. A beautiful photo of that trip with the guys, or a weekend with the family… Spontaneous photos, without posing, and with open and cool backgrounds are the best. One golden tip is to play the videos you’ve recorded and screenshot your favorite parts and then edit them, as I mentioned above! And hey, do not wait until thursday to post throwbacks! Post them any day you want, just use a #tb instead of a #tbt.. hahaha!

    11. Okay, let’s add a traditional selfie on this list! One type of selfie that always works is the one where we’re lying in bed. Just remember to position yourseld on top of a sheet, comforter, blanket, or any fabric with a nice pattern! I used the example above (I didn’t find the source = /) to show you that the background doesn’t always have to be white for it to be considered negative space. But it has to be an interesting and consistent pattern! Also, check ou the hand technique I’m always talking about!

    12. Last but not least, a wonderful photo idea. Ask a friend, turn on the timer, or use the video + screenshot trick. The photo can  be just you sitting on your back, in an interesting place, like near a window, or in the yard, or even on the sidewalk. I think it’s cool to be looking at the horizon. Awesome, right?

    I created another feed with the same ideas but with the bluish color palette. Check it out:

    Like the suggestions? I hope so! Let me know in the comments! 💕✨💕✨



    ps. These are the stock photos I used. Whenever possible, it’s much better to use your own pics, of course.

    Feeds Instagram

    Instagram Feed Aesthetic: All Yellow

    Heyy guys! How are you doing?

    Yellow is one of the coolest colors of the moment. Some even say it’s the new pink. For that reason, I know many of you want to use it as the main aesthetic on your Instagram feeds.. And I decided to come up with an inspiration to help 🌼🌼🌼🌼

    The whole theme is very indie, I think, with beautiful tumblr style images. I tried to find balance between pictures with people, with objects, etc. And even though yellow is the main color, it’s not excessive. I always try to avoid being over the top on my feed themes. I’ve seen a few yellow feed ideas that man, it looks like there’s no other color in this world! hahaha!

    instagram bio design ideas 3
    Get more Instagram bio ideas like this here!

    Oh, btw, have you checked out the special I wrote about organizing and designing a pretty Instagram feed? And if you follow me on Insta, you’ll see I’m always posting my new feeds on the highlights 💛🧡

    Instagram Feed Theme: All Yellow

    See the triplegram I created at the top? I used 3 similar photos, that fit together like one big image. To make it more special, I added a few words, forming the sentence “she loves you“. Cute right? I just like this feed so much! 💛🤩

    And here’s also the preset to reproduce the edits I made on the photos. As usual, it’s worth noting: what makes this feed so cool and cohesive is the pictures, not the filter. Aligning everything super carefully, distributing the right images in the right places, finding the correct balance, and, above all, picking the best images, with amazing composition, and similar aesthetics, is the most important thing here.

    New themes up on the shop:

    The VSCO filter I created is retro style, kind of like film sort of. The whole concept is super indie tumblr aestheticcc aaaand I love it so much ♡♡♡

    VSCO Filter Yellow instagram feed aesthetic design style amarelo

    The color palette:


    I’ve made a selection of nice images with a similar concept too! You can use them when you’re out of personal photos, for example. They’ve already been edited with the preset I created. Here we go:

    Do you guys love this feed as much as i do? 💛✨🌼 Hope so!



    Instagram Photos

    5 things to think before taking a selfie

    Love selfies?

    No worries. I won’t be getting get into a debate about narcissism here! If you’ve decided to take a selfie (or a thousand) no one can or should stop you, and there’s nothing wrong with that 🤳🏽💕✨

    And you can – and should – look super cute/hot/cool PLUS get all the likes after you post it, of course!

    Let’s get to the tips for the perfect selfie! 💖💖💖

    🔅 1. Is there good lighting (preferably natural light) where I am?

    Here comes annoying Lu with her old sermon about natural light. But people, it’s true. This is the most precious tip regarding selfies. If you want to ignore all the others, you can. But follow this one! haha

    Run to the backyard. Or just  face an open window. IT’S A GAME CHANGER!

    🖼 2. What’s showing up in the background?

    Few people pay attention to this. I am particularly addicted to using negative spaces in my photos, so I take my selfies usually with neutral backgrounds. Some might find it boring, so it’s a matter of personal choice. But the hard truth is, if you shoot the pic with a nice background, the chance of the photo having that WOW effect is greater.

    So. Look around you. If you can dodge that hanging bag on the doorknob, your sister watching TV, or the bathroom rack full of packaging, do it. I know your face is a beautiful work of nature haha, but switch the focus off it for a moment and observe what is being displayed behind it. More often than not, you’ll just need a few tiny moves ands position adjustments to get a much cooler bg. Trust me.

    ⟡ New on the shop: ⟡

    😋 3. Shall we try a new expression?

    We all love selfies, but let’s agree that they all looks repetitive as hell, right? If you change them up a bit, you can end up having a more unique, unusual pic. So before you click, get ready to rock some new expressions, and release your inner actress!

    🤙 4. Can I show my hand? Or some cool object I have around?

    This trick is easier to explain with pictures than with words. But I’ll try anyway. Have you noticed how many celebrities put their hands on their lips or face when they take selfies? Why does it look so cool? It doesn’t have to be a cute sweet pose, you can go for fun or natural, or just touch your hair, ear, or even caress your face softly.

    If you have a nice object nearby, you can also hold it and play with it!

    🔝 5. Now lift your phone up just a liiiiiiitle bit..

    I used to think everyone knows this trick. The ideal angle for taking selfies is from above. The upper angle gets the best possible lighting, avoiding unflattering shadows. Just a bit, of course, you should never overdo this. But remember this detail so that your beautiful little face looks it’s best everytime, ok?

    Just a quick reminder that these suggestions are just that: suggestions. They’re are FAR from being rules. Last weekend, for example, I took a selfie from below and kinda liked it. And sometimes I can’t use natural light at all and I do not care*.



    * I care a little, tbh ☺

    Fashion Lifestyle

    Boho style: What it is and how to wear it

    Boho style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And before many people could really understand what it was about, the meaning got lost and vague in a confusing way.

    It’s common to see grunge looks, or very basic 90’s style outfits being called boho. Why, you ask? Well, I have no idea 😂 I can’t see the connection between high waisted jeans + choker and a cropped top with boho style! Maybe they get it mixed up with indie style? Or, more likely, with tumblr style!? Seems like it.

    Anyway, sorry for the venting at the beginning of the post hahah! In all honesty, I want this to be informative and useful. And everything I’ll write here is based on theoretical knowledge.

    So let’s understand once and for all what this style really is, and how to put together beautiful outfits in this aesthetic!

    For the sake of understanding, on this post I refer to boho as the fashion style that became popular worldwide mainly between the years 2005 and 2015.

    BOHO is short for bohemian homeless. It’s a fashion style influenced mainly, but not exclusively, by the hippie of the 60s and the bohemian of 2 centuries ago. There is also a strong connection to the gypsy culture, so much so that it’s difficult to see the line that separates boho and gypsy style.

    ⟡ New on the shop: ⟡

    Historically, immigrants and refugees from central Europe who arrived in Europe’s major capitals (mainly in Paris) were called bohemians. Among them, were several Gypsies. Their way of dressing, disheveled and carefree, and their unruly life (compared to that of the native population) caught people’s attention and caused fascination. And their aesthetics ended up becoming what is now known as Bohemian Style. This is the root of the style now known as boho.

    The irony is that, at that time, dressing so freely and carefree meant not caring about fashion, not caring about society and being a non-bourgeois. Current boho, or boho chic as some people call it, has become the exact opposite of that. A trend that fell in favor of elite trend-setters and influencers, and a source of income for super expensive high end brands.

    How did the current boho trend emerge?

    Among the super-tuned and fashion-crazy people, boho actually begins to emerge at the end of 2004. English actress Sienna Miller (above) and her dress style, inspired by the film “Almost Famous” drew attention to it’s hippie-like looks, but with more urban influences in the pieces. The actress’s appearance at the Glastonbury festival in 2004 caused a furor in the fashion world and since that specific event, the boho style has started to become popular and trendy. The twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen also quickly adopted the trend at the time and greatly influenced the spread of boho in the US.

    As of 2007, many brands had already adopted the style in their collections. Others, who already had a style-oriented essence, took advantage of the hype to gain notoriety and earn money. For example, Free People, probably the most boho brand there is. There’s also Stone Cold Fox, For the Love of Lemons

    It’s also worth mentioning that, over time, both Sienna, the Olsen twins, and Free People themselves abandoned the original boho aesthetic, more similar to the bohemian roots and hippie looks, and adapted their styles to more current fashion trends, such as tomboy, minimalism, scandinavian, among others.

    Boho style icons

    Penny Lane played by Kate Hudson in Almost Famous is probably the most memorable figure when it comes to boho style. Top model Kate Moss is also considered an unquestionable style icon for the aesthetic, in addition to Sienna Miller, who directly influenced the emergence of boho as a trend. Other important figures in this scenario are Talitha Getty, Brigitte Bardot, and currently Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, among others.

    Kate Hudson as Penny Lane

    Main boho elements:

    Basically, boho shapes are loose and fluid. Nothing too tight, or too short. Femininity is present, but at the same time, pieces of the male wardrobe are adapted and reinvented. Fringes and rag-style cutouts are everywhere, so are long fluid dresses and skirts.

    Among the colors, patterns and prints, neutrals, earthy, grimy “white”, tie-dye, paisley, florals and geometrics with reference to tribal prints stand out. Colorful embroidery, typically from South American cultures for example, are very common. Fur and other fibers that refer to the natural are very boho as well.

    In terms of accessories, the floppy hat was marked as one of the most characteristic accessories of boho, especially between 2010 and 1013. Overlapping and stacking jewelry are also trademarks of the style. Such as turbans, headbands, hats and other garments inspired by native cultures around the world. Flowers and feathers are significant, referring to the influential hippie culture. And let’s no forget the classic cross bags, especially the ones with fringe details are super boho as well!

    Shoes: chunky flat boots, low, medium, high or over the knee, and mostly in neutral tones. Gladiator sandals and flat sandals in different shapes, but always with a natural look footprint. Sneakers are added into the game as of 2015/16.

    Key pieces: Tunics, long skirts, maxi dresses, flowing clothes in general, bell-bottom pants or pantaloons.

    Hair usually looks natural. Due to its connection with the hippie style, boho asks for longer and “blunt” hair. The hairstyles are always very relaxing and effortless, with braids being a great icon (mainly from 2010 to 2013) with the appearance of the high semi-bun in 2015-2016

    In some cases, the boho fashion style also reflects a person’s lifestyle. The boho spirit is romantic but rebellious, appreciative of beauty and art and very connected to nature. Unhappy with the obvious and the conventional, curious and above all free.

    Boho looks: inspiration


    Phew… such a long post! Hope it’s useful 🙂




    What is #TBT? Learn what it means and how to use the hashtag correctly

    Hi guys! All good? 😊

    I decided to write this post here quickly, because that’s a question I get asked frequently. So what is #tbt?

    I think by now, most people are aware that a #TBT is just an old photo you post on a Thursday. And basically, that’s all it is.

    But hang in there hahaha! 🤓

    I think what ends up confusing people, is how vague the whole explanation sounds. And one might think that some information has to be missing there, because it doesn’t make much sense.

    Hence the doubts: “Why Thursday?” “Is any kind of photo #tbt material?” “Do I really need to post a #tbt?”…

    “Hmmm interesting, can I post #TBT every. single. Thursday?”

    I also know that nobody wants to read an encyclopedia entry full of boring and long explanations. Wikipedia is there for that! So I’ll summarize in bullet points what you need to know. And then you can finally settle all your doubts regarding this topic 💖

    New on the shop:

    What it means and how to use the hashtag #TBT

    • #TBT means”Throwback Thursday”
    • It started as an online joke, or like an excuse to post something on social media on Thursdays. In this case, old pics. A sneaker brand started doing this every Thursday and users just pretty much embraced the idea, and it became a huge digital era phenomenon.
    • TB alone stands for throwback. So, my friends, even if it’s not Thursday, you can post an old picture using just #tb. No need to write “it’s not Thursday, but here’s a #tbt..”. Just don’t type that second T in the end! But hey, by all means, if that’s what you wanna write, go ahead. It’s just a tip 😛
    • If you ask me for my professional advice on whether it’s cool to post #tbt every Thursday religiously, I would say no. I think it’s cooler to use the hashtag from time to time, and in my opinion it’s much more fun if you’re actually posting an interesting and nostalgic photo. Something from a more distant past, a memory that will arouse the curiosity of your followers. Like a super cute photo of you as a baby. Or a fun portrait from high school, with friends you haven’t seen in a while… tagging everyone haha!

    My point here is: A recent travel photo, which is still fresh in everyone’s memory, shouldn’t necessarily be post as #tbt. For everyone who follows you, it’s very clear that you just wanted to post that photo, and used #tbt as a pretext 😂

    But Lu, I did just want to post that pi. So what’s the big deal? Nothing! You should def post it. That is why I would recommend, in the case of recent photos, to simply post it, without any problem, days later, 2, 3 weeks later, up to a few months, without using #tbt. It doesn’t have to be on a Thursday, and you don’t need the damn hashtag. I would leave the #TBTs for every once in a while, when you have really cool and interesting content, that’s more rare, older and special.

    ari ❣

    Just reinforcing, once again, I am sharing my opinion because many people ask me to answer sincerely, and this is what I think. Please post whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want, and be happy! I also think it is unnecessary to write “since today is #TBT day…” at the beginning of the photo caption. But does that mean you shouldn’t do it? No! hahahaha. Do what you want, boo.

    • On the other hand, the hashtag can be a way to generate more content for your account, especially if you have a commercial interest to it. For example, if it’s a business account, or if you are (or want to become) a digital influencer.

    My advice in that case? Post #TBTs every other Thursday, select amazing photos and write awesome captions referencing the memory that the photos brings you. Doesn’t need to be long, but make an effort. And at the end of the caption, simply include the hash symbol followed by the three blessed letters we all love so much. What do you think? 😇

    Well, that’s it! Now you tell me: what do you think are the coolest practices regarding throwback Thursdays? Let me know!