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    Graphic Design Photo editing

    7 steps to edit phone photos easy and quick!

    Heyyy guys! I’ve been gone for a while but now I’m back ☺💗💖💫

    Today I’ll be teaching you how to edit photos taken on the phone quickly with Photoshop!

    Each photo requires a specific set of adjustments, it’s impossible to have a universal way of doing this that’s always flawless :/ That beign said, I believe this 7 step guide is super useful, and works pretty well in most cases.

    Just a heads up, this tutorial is not intended to be an advanced image manipulation class. It’s just a quick guide to upgrade your photos before posting or using it wherever you want. All steps are super easy to do, they require no advanced technique and can be done by beginners. Adjust the intensity of each tool according to your personal taste!

    Here’s the step by step:

    1. Open your pic

    2. Straighten – Find the best alignment for your photo so that it looks harmonic. Don’t be afraid to try different croppings, centering, framings.. You can always undo it if you don’t like the change. Read more about this step on this post.

    3 and 4. Light and contrast – Use the “Curves” tool to increase the illumination of the photo and to bring out more of the dark and light parts and make the photo more vivid. But do it lightly, do not overuse this tool! More about this here!

    5. Temperature – Make you photo cooler or warmer according to your taste.

    6. Details – Remove the dirt that interferes with the photo (as I did here with some dots on the floor and the darkest corner up there). The best PS tools for this are the Recovery Brush, the Stamp and the Smudge tool.

    7. Sharpness – When everything is ready, it is worth giving a little bit of sharpness by going to Filter / Sharpen / Smart sharpen. I also like to add a little bit of noise [full post about it here] to disguise the pixelated ones.

    New on the shop:

    Try it out and let me know! ✨💕



    Blogging Freebies

    30 post and video content ideas to post over the next month

    Post every day. If possible, posts twice a day. If possible, 3 times.

    I tell this to all my clients, and I know it sounds ambitious as hell. But it’s the best suggestion I can give to anyone who wants to succeed with their blogs. Consistency!

    However, while having a prolific blog is important, the quality of your is essential. It’s no use to create posts that add no value or has no purpose, right? We all know that by now! 🙂

    And , trust me guys, I know the struggle. Even when we want to post a lot and have all this amazing ideas floating around our heads, sometimes we totally blank out fo inspiration.

    New on the shop:

    So, if you’re a lifestyle content creator, I listed 30 ideas to help you with this arduous task!

    I guarantee you, that if these 30 posts are created and published nicely, SEO checked, cool images to illustrate it, solid content and proper social media sharing, your blog will start the following  month much more powerful than it already was. Do this for 3 months and see the difference in your statistics. In 6 months you’ll have a powerful blog in your hands.

    Precious tips for content creators

    💎 I didn’t include outfit of the day posts, so consider them a bonus if you have a fashion account. They are always fun! If you can post some looks over the month, your content volume will increase even more.

    💎 When posting about your top 5 movies, for example, include the trailer (embed from youtube) and some Google images. Don’t be afraid to improve your content different types of media. Readers love that!

    💎 When photographing your bedroom, office, wardrobe, etc, always, always ALWAYS take the pictures during the day, with as much light as possible. If you don’t use photoshop, use the VSCO app to increase photo exposure and decrease the temperature. Bright photos are more beautiful and have more impact. You can check some tips about that on this post.

    💎 Don’t forget to pin all the images from your post and include good rich descriptions on them. Pinterest is – and I cannot stress this enough – THE BEST ally of content creators.

    💎 Always, on all posts, use high resolution images. Nice design is super important for any blog to succeed.

    Well, I hope the list is useful, girls. Let me know what you think in the comments! 🧚🏽 Check out the second content idea list clicking here!



    Blogging Freebies

    Freebie! 8 cool post dividers for your blog posts

    Hey, if you’re looking for Instagram feed dividers, there’s a post here, and another one here 🙂

    Good evening chicas, how are you? ☺💖

    You know the importance of well-written posts, right?

    It makes all the difference for the reader to feel that the article was prepared carefully and thoughtfully. This is true for both content, and also for the appearance. The more pleasant to look at, the better! 🥰

    One feature I love using here on the blog are post dividers. They separate the post into sections, delimiting virtually every part. And the cool thing is that tabs are no more than jpeg or png images that can be added like any other media to your article.

    New on the shop:

    🏹 Golden Tip: Save your own dividers with an easy to remember name. So every time you want to use it, search on your media library for the name and WordPress will find the image for you.

    I made these 8 dividers especially for you guys. They are all png files with transparent background to fit perfectly any blog color. I hope you like it! 🥰



    Blogging Graphic Design Instagram photography

    What is a flatlay and why we LOVE this kind of photos + How to easily make yours!

    Flatlays, going straight to the point, are pictures taken from the top angle, usually from a flat surface such as a table, floor, etc. The purpose of this type of photo is to focus on objects on the surface, usually arranged in a very aesthetic way and causing a positive visual impact.

    Okay, now you know! Now let’s elaborate, shall we?

    New on the shop:

    One practical way to understand what a flatlay is to check the Cool Flatlays Instagram profile (@coolflatlay) by the amazing and wonderful Fashion Coolture. She is the master queen of the subject, in my opinion (and I’ve been in love with her blog posts and Lookbook.nu long before she even created this profile). And yes, my loves, she’s Brazilian! 🇧🇷💚💛

    Aren’t they perfect? You should definitely follow her on Insta, guys!

    The success of flatlay photos has everything to do with the popularization of Instagram, and the sharing of cool images of random and nice objects that we have at home. And also, in the case of business accounts, it has become a visually beautiful way to advertise products to customers.

    An example of how Glow Recipe uses flat lay photos in their Instagram, up there!

    And for personal projects like blogs, websites and Instagram, photos like that are also a great resource to showcase favorite products, personal objects we love, and to record our daily lifestyle. Bloggers and influencers love to create flatlays on the bathroom counter, on the bed, on the rug. Not to mention flatlays displaying shoes, nails and of course, a beautiful meal! hahhahaha

    No doubt the flat lays that rock online are those neatly ordered, photographed with incredible lighting, and containing beautiful objects. So you might think – of course producing photos like this is just for professionals, right? But I can assure you that’s not true (here comes the crazy DIY lady haha). Let’s get straight to the tips!

    Wow, I’m so objective right now! hehe

    How to Make Flatlay Photos at Home

    1. NATURAL LIGHT! No wonder my name is Luciana, sweethearts! Haha ha! I am a faithful supporter of the light, preferably natural and very abundant in photographs. Actually this is a consensus among all professional photographers (something I, as a matter of fact, am not), but I think it is important to divulge and insist about this with my amateur fellas.

    2. Decide what your background surface will be, do not ignore the importance of this !! Seriously, paying attention only to prominent objects can ruin your flatlay. It is essential to set whether the background will be all white (classic, I loooove) or whether it will be a nice wood pattern, a soft fabric, your duvet, the floor, that false marble made with contact paper…

    Choose your background matching the main subject of your flatlay, take the camera and test whether the photo will be filled with that background, or if you need to adjust it in Photoshop, etc.

    Tip – Here is a post I made about the importance of working well with negative spaces, in order to popup the main object or objects. It has everything to do with this topic!

    3. Followers love to see neatly organized objects. Of course you can not generalize, but often a well organized and beautiful arrangement of elements is the greatest charm of flatlay. So don’t feel weird if you waste more time organizing the little things than shooting the pic. But hey, the order I’m suggesting doesn’t necessarily mean everything will be aligned, okay? You can simulate a disorder as long as there is a visual logic, and the result can be aesthetically pleasing. You’ll get used to it (and good at it) with practice!

    4. Last but not least, choose your favorite shot, and edit it like a pro! If you know how to use Photoshop, better. Because you can make several adjustments and even modify parts of the photo you want. If not, my recommendation will always be VSCO, my favorite photo editing app. I posted about it here on the blog, with useful editing tips!

    Cool, now you know what a flatlay is. And how to make it at home, easy peasy



    Graphic Design Uncategorized

    ✰ Free Christmas Collage set! ✰

    Hellooo! 🤶🏽♥

    Chicas, this is the first collage set I post on the blog. So exciting! 🥂 Christmas is always inspiring to me, and I thought it’d be a great theme for this first collection…

    The images are random, fun, holly jolly cheerful and of course very christmassy! Just like ME!! hahaha

    I hope you’ll find a nice use for them, either making your own collage using all of the images, or just a few specific images for whatever project you’re working on.

    If you’re learning graphic design right now, this could be a good way to practice your skills as well 🙂

    I’ve made a Photoshop collage as an example using all the items, here’s a video of how I made it!

    And this is the final collage, in 4 diferent color versions:

    Fun, right?? It works as a phone wallpaper and has the perfect size for Instagram Stories of course 😜💖. Click the link below to download your free collage kit. You’ll have to check out to complete the download, but the kit really is free, don’t worry 🙂

    I guess that’s it!

    I’d love to see what you guys come up with using the images, so tag me if you feel like it 🙂



    Instagram photography

    Why you should be using negative spaces to improve your Instagram pics

    Hi chicas! Let’s talk about Insta feeds?! 🥰💕❤

    We all dream about having the perfect feed. But there is not a standard that everyone thinks is ideal. It depends on the person’s style, the type of photos, the filters they like, the shades that have more to do with their lifestyle, among a thousand other factors. But some tricks help to highlight  the main focus of the photo, and that goes for pretty much all of them. And that’s what we’ll talk about today!

    The goal is to have negative spaces strategically placed in the photos. This “emptiness” around the main object makes the focal point of the photo pop up, and get all the attention it deserves!

    It’s common for many people just not to pay much attention to the details and composition, so it’s harder to understand the importance of negative spaces. And it’s totally ok, of course. But over time, you can start developing a better eye for these things, so you can increasingly improve your ability to take advantage of this useful trick. Look at these examples:

    But hey, the negative space area doesn’t have to be all white or black, not even all plain. The secret is to have a pattern that looks well-organized so it doesn’t distract or attract attention. It’s hard to explain, but with a watchful eye you begin to get it!

    I’ll soon write a post about aligning and organizing photos to improve your Insta feed (update: here it is haha!), but for now, the tip is: negative spaces go super well with photos with the main element well centered or with a harmonic alignment.

    New on the shop:

    Not that every photo has to be super symmetrical and ordered, of course. That would be sooo boring! But the human body responds positively to ordered aesthetics and harmony. That means, it looks good, so it will increase your chances of catching the attention and looking nice to your followers/viewers 😌💜

    pretty instagram feed

    See how a Hailey and a Jade work with order and negative spaces in almost every photo? And how the two of them have totally different styles!?

    A well crafted feed with strategic negative spaces has great chances of looking incredible! Trust me! 😉💕✨



    Graphic Design Uncategorized

    How to change the color of an object with Photoshop

    color change

    Whether it’s making the photo more fun, or adjusting something that did not look right in a photo, we often need to change the color of an object in the image, right? It seems like something very difficult to do, but it really isn’t! ✨✨

    New on the shop

    Let’s go step by step:

    • On Photoshop, open the image you want to edit.
    • Pick the most appropriate selection tool and mark the desired area. In most cases, I need to select an object that has organic shape, (like Kaia’s eyes) so I use the Polygonal Lasso Tool. But in the picture below, I will use the elliptical sign, since I wanna change the color of the tea that is in the round cup. (ps. Sorry the screenshots below are in portuguese. I think it’s possible to understand, though 🙂
    • Next, go to Image / Adjustments / Hue Saturation. By changing the hue of the selected object, you will see how it changes the color before your eyes. It’s super easy!
    • If you prefer a more subtle change, instead of Hue, you can go into Image / Adjustments / Color Balance. And one of the ones I like the most: Image / Adjustments / Replace color, which allows you to select (within the selection already made), a specific color to change. In this case you can control the intensity of the change better 😉


    como mudar a cor de um objeto no photoshop

    I hope this is useful! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂




    60 images to post on Instagram when you run out of personal pics

    Hey guys, so you know that a good way to keep the consistency of Instagram posts when we don’t have fresh content is resorting to classic photos. And we have a multitude of those on Pinterest and Tumblr! 🌷

    The important thing is to choose images that speak to you, with artists that you like and admire for example.

    So here in this post I made a selection of cool, fun and interesting photos from past and present. It’s cool to look for pictures that are not threadbare or too obvious, and that have a cool message being sent 💛💕🧡

    If you prefer, just download this folder with all of them. You can save save it on your computer and have them all archived 🙂

    ⟡ A few products from the store with image packs if your working on your Instagram aesthetics:

    Images to post on Instagram:

    Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet
    Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet
    Diana Ross
    Diana Ross
    Dirty Dancing
    Dirty Dancing
    Amelie Poulin
    Amelie Poulin

    How to make money blogging – the easiest way

    Hi everyone! ☺

    The purpose of this post is to really help you monetize your blog or website. So I promise I’ll try to be as objective as possible and quickly give all the tips about the subject in an organized and practical way.

    Briefly, the 4 best ways to make money blogging or website are:

    • Selling your own work/product online (most effective)
    • Affiliated programs (most effective one without having a product)
    • Partnering with interested business (needs external direct contacts)
    • Free ads plans like Google Adsense

    The one the recquires less efford to setup and start up, in my opinion is Google Adsense. So that’s what I’ll talk about today 😇

    New on the shop:

    What is Google AdSense?

    Google AdSense is Google’s money-making tool, where you can make your blog or website’s spaces available to Google to automatically fill in with banners by their advertisers.

    You do not have to negotiate anything with anyone, just create your account and wait for approval. When you’re all set and approved, you’ll paste on your website a single code AdSense will give you and the ads will appear automatically in different areas of your website. As your audience views and clicks the banners, you get the money from Google. It’s that simple.

    Why you shouldn’t get too excited about it YET

    • How to copy and paste the codes in the blog?That can be a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with coding and marketing. But it’s not impossible. You’ll get a tutorial from Google with a step by step. But if you have a lot of trouble with this kind of things, hire a professional.
    • Not everyone is approved by Google AdSense. Your blog has to have at least a few months live, solid quality content, and clean, optimized responsive design.
    • It’s super hard to actually make money. It take LOTS of views and clicks to monetize.

    Why you shouldn’t guive up

    💗 But if you’re serious about it, your blog can become your extra income, yes. I’ve done it, so I know for a fact it is possible. Do the math: you need lots of visits to get clicks and views to make money blogging, right? So you’ll have to post in large quantity, with quality content, work on your SEO and spread the word on social networks. ALWAYS!

    💗 Blogging is fun. Don’t lose that sipirit. Make a cool calendar with post topics and spend a few hours a day writing cool posts, use the right key words and beautiful pictures and enjoy the process.

    💗 For those who also use YouTube, your channel can be linked to your AdSense account! So, when you start monetizing in both places, the money falls into your account together.

    💗 AdSense is such a cool tool, it has a super-easy-to-tweak and simplified dashboard full of tips on how to improve the performance of your ads and link to Google Analytics so that you have excellent control of your blog’s audience !

    AdSense banner on thevivaluxury.com/

    Remember that there’s a lot of cool content in our day to day lives that can be turned into interesting, helpful blog posts. Just stay tuned and plan your content so your blog is always updated!

    The clicks and views will come as a natural consequence 💖



    PS. I have no link / sponsorship / partnership with Google, this post is strictly informative.