Hey there pink lovers!! 🙋🏽‍♀️

So I came up with this pack with 50 Instagram Stories Highlight cover illustrations. They’re super cute and of course.. PINK! 💗💗💗

I made them in two versions. One is pink with white background, and the other is white with pink background. You can pick the one you prefer. If you know how, you can also easily customize the color in any image editing app.

All free for personal and or comercial use, do feel free and enjoy!

You can just click the images below and save on your phone. I’f you’d rather download the folder with the whole pack, this is the link. Then you can find a way to send the images to your phone. You’re super smart so I know you know a way by now.. hehe!

Pink covers for Instagram Stories Highlights

Tip: You can change the shade of pink by easily opening the image with an app like VSCO and using the brightness tool. Feel free to make them your own! 😜

Hope you like the post. If you use them, I’d love to check your insta and follow you guys. Show meeee 💕




O que achou? Comente!