Hello people, all good?

If there is a place where we go CRAAAAZY wanting to take more and more photos is the beach, right? And what a wonderful coincidence: it’s the place where we also get the best lighting, perfect scenery, we look radiant and happy and the pictures get fantastic quality!

But what good is all this help from nature, if at the time we’re there we can’t come up with creative and interesting poses? It seems that every time we decide to make some shots on the beach we always get a bit tense and little shy, and nothing cool comes out of it.

So I decided to post here a selection of 30 ideas of photos to take on the beach that escape the obvious and are sure to be very successful on Instagram. Trust me! 💙

30 photo ideas to take at the beach

I made a selection from Pinterest and Tumblr as well!



O que achou? Comente!