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I think the question I hear most in my professional area is: what app do you use to edit your photos?

In fact, I’ve been working with Photoshop for over 12 years, so sometimes I end up doing in it, because I know how powerful it is! I do not use the Photoshop app for mobile, because I downloaded it and did not like it, so I do everything on the computer. This is when I want to take some background, or change a color of a specific element, or move more closely in a photo. For photos of my personal Instagram this is rare, but I can not deny that Photoshop is a very important editing tool in my life 💖💗

Regarding apps that offer cute filters are fast and easy to use, and they’re practical because they’re right there in our hands, I love to refer to VSCOCAM because I’m a super fan! I use it daily, and I know that my top bloggers Lalá Noleto, Cláudia Bartelle, Helena Lunardelli, Sophia Abrahão and others are also frequent users. And I can guarantee that it is the photo editing app darling of several international bloggers and it girls too!

Lalá linda em Londres

Lalá Noleto linda em Londres

VSCOCAM is free, has simple and efficient tools and easy to use. There’s also a paid version that I’ve never used, but I imagine it’s even better. Remembering that VSCOCAM is an app for messing with filters and effects. To change the structure of the image (smoother skin, retouching grease, etc. I use the Facetune, but put on it here afterwards.

To use the app, you have no secrets! Just choose a filter that has your face and calibrate the photo in the editing part, so that it is clearer, sharper, with good contrast, etc.

What ends up happening is that a lot of people get lost with so much editing option and even using an excellent app, ends up getting lost in the time to edit the photos. So I thought the following: I’m going to go through a summary of the basics of image editing below, and then I show you 4 editing styles (filter + adjustments) to see what your face looks like, and keep as default for your posts. What about?

So let’s go.

How to edit photos for Instagram?

✨ The first thing to do is straighten it out. Notice if there are “lines” in the photo that are crooked. Usually they are the sidewalk of the street, buildings, trees, pilasters, or even your body. To make life easier, it is best to try to make these lines as straight as possible when taking the picture. Try to take the picture in the correct perspective, and keep the correct alignment of the elements. Except in the case of photos with a very distorted angle, type selfies from bottom to top etc, that look beautiful being pies.

This setting you make direct in the mobile image editor.

But hey! Not always the lines of the image need to be straightened. Only the same feeling will tell you what to do in each case, but when you start paying attention, you get the hang of it.


In addition to straightening, I also define the cut I like, to highlight the main element of the photo and give harmony to the image. Remember that alignment and cutting can also be done right on Instagram. I’d rather do it earlier because I like to edit the photo in VSCOCAM already with the final cut, so I have an exact notion of how it will look. And the straightening tool of VSCOCAM itself does not please me.

Okay, now we open the VCSO CAM! Choose the photo and let’s go ahead.

✨ First, choose the filter you are going to use. If you want advice, preferably the cooler ones, that almost everyone thinks is more beautiful. You can calibrate the filter for more or less intensity.

✨ Sometimes the filter alone is enough to make the perfect photo. Mainly photos made outdoors, with lots of lighting. Sometimes I like to brighten up, to give a little contrast, to give a bit of clarity and to tinker a bit in the fading too, so black parts have not gone too dark. This fading trick I think gives a more professional face to the pictures, I do not know if you agree.


I searched for a place lit by natural light, chose a matching background, straightened the object and clicked the photo. In VSCOCAM I just needed to add the HB1 filter (my favorite) and the photo was just the way I wanted it.

✨ Another thing I always do during editing is to greatly decrease the temperature of the photo. That does not mean it will look like it’s cold in the picture, hehe! Just leave the photo with a much more professional face, and give that guy the blogging face that we love so much! In case my favorite filter, HB1, already does it for me.

That’s basically it. But I will post a lot on photo editing still here on the blog. Since the focus today is the app. Below are 4 effects of VSCOCAM for you to test there. Then tell me what you think?

These filters I’ve used are available for free download from the VSCOCAM filter library! Number 4 is the one I use on my feed.



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