It happens to everyone! Sometimes we feel uninspired, with nothing cool going on to photographa and post, and little by little our Insta loses track. This is no problem at all, except when you’re working hard to get more followers, whether because you’re promoting your blog, your products, or your own Instagram profile as a possible way to make money in the future.

If this is your case, you need to focus on the consistent frequency of posts, that is, post at least one photo per day. Another key factor for monetizing your Insta is to cultivate a cool aesthetic in your feed, preferably with a visual unit between the images.

So I came up with these 12 ideas to inspire us when this block happens. I will also post the pictures I used (downloaded from this free stock image here). I’ll explain a little bit about each suggestion bellow.

what to post

1. Beautiful pictures of landscape, nature, cool backgrounds etc go well overlayed by a quote. It’s useful to have a propper app to create your own whenever you need it!

2. You can recreate this photo very easily. On top of your bed (focus on the background, do not forget!) Put your favorite book + a cup of tea or coffee and, whenever possible, some flowers or plants. They make the difference! Try to find a place full of natural light and your photo will look 10x more beautiful =)

3. How about posting a photo of your favorite artist, or an incredible fashion editorial from decades ago, or a scene from the movie of your life? Here I posted 60 suuuuper cool pictures that might come in handy. Also, there’s an almost infinite supply of beautiful images on Tumblr and Pinterest, of course. Several it girls do this, and it is always a success. But this should be done just every once in a while, okay?

4. Another easy photo to take at home! No need to worry about doing your hair, makeup etc. Just put the camera on the timer or ask your sister / girlfriend / mother / whoever to take it (in a very well lit place hehe) focusing on your bag or backpack and outfit. Remember the little trick of holding something in your hands, whether it’s a glass or a cool item you have at home. Try to stick to the color palette that interests you the most.

5. Are you in the mood to look awesome? So go wild on your best accessories and makeup skills. You can exaggerate a little, after all the production is just for an Instagram photo! Instead of taking a selfie, use the camera timer, or put it in video mode and afterwards screenshot your favorite parts. You can edit the screenshots with the app VSCOCAM (post here). It is important not to use the front camera for maximum quality. And about lighting, you already know, right? ???????? Hihihi!

6. Pets are always a hit on social media. Take your doggie or kitten to a place full of light with a very neutral or very beautiful background and take a great pic. Garanteed success!

7. Are you at home doing nothing? Put on your coolest shoes and go to the garden. You can take amazing shots from an upper angle! Notice how they used the negatice space technique in this example in this example? The wooden floor has no distractions and all the lines are straight, maintaining an impeccable alignment.

8. This image is beautiful, right? It’s attached to this post and you can use it anytime you want. You can add a cool, philosophical caption as well!

9. Another suggestion for you to try at home, perfect for when the manicure is pretty and you want to show it to the world. Run to the backyard and try it with different plants. The long sleeve shirt appearing showing ALWAYS works too. You can put it on just for the picture. I do this all the time ahahah! And you know the rules, right? Neutral or beautiful background, lots of light and harmonic alignment.

10. There’s always a throwback saved and ready to be used at the time of need. A beautiful photo of that trip with the guys, or a weekend with the family. Spontaneous photos, without posing and with open and cool backgrounds are the best. One golden tip is to play the videos you’ve recorded and screenshot your favorite parts and then edit them, as I mentioned above!

11. Okay, let’s add a traditional selfie on this list! One type of selfie that always works is the one laying on the bed. Just remember to lay on top of a sheet, comforter, blanket, or any fabric with a nice pattern! I used the example above (I didn’t find the source = /) to show you that the background doen’t always have to be white for it to be considered negative space. But it has to be an interesting and consistent pattern! Also, check ou the hand technique I’m always talking about!

12. Last but not least, a wonderful photo idea. Ask a friend, turn on the timer, or use the video + screenshot trick. The photo can  be just you sitting, in an interesting place, like near a window, or in the yard, or even on the sidewalk. I think it’s cool to be looking at the horizon. Super cool, right?

I created another feed with the same ideas but with the bluish color palette. Check it out:

Like the suggestions? I hope so!



ps. These are the stock photos I used. Whenever possible, it’s much better to use your own pics, of course.

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