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Freebie! Super cute pink covers for Instagram Stories Highlights

Hey there pink lovers!! 🙋🏽‍♀️ So I came up with this pack with 50 Instagram Stories Highlight cover illustrations. They’re super cute and of course.. PINK! 💗💗💗 I made them in two versions. One is pink with white background, and the other is white with pink background. You can pick the one you prefer. If […]

Freebies Instagram Vectors and png freebies

Freebie! Hand drawn icons fot Instagram Stories Highlights

Look what amoooor these super colorful and fun icons to use in the highlights of the stories, guys! I took the illustrations from Freepic and decided to create the separate files to make available to you here. Aren’t they amazing? It has unicorn, e.t, heart, apple, lightning, mouth, airplane and more. For those who like […]

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How to put photos in polaroid frames (+ 5 PNG mockups to download for free!)

Hi guys, good morning! How are you all doing today? A good way to change your blog and Instagram pictures a bit a give them a unique look is to simulate the polaroid effect. I don’t mean just adding the white border, but the real thing. This is an excellent strategy for when we’ve already […]

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Freebie! Glitter Instagram Stories Highlight cover icons

Hi there! 🙂 I’ve created a new pack of Instagram Stories highlight covers, and this time they shine sooo bright! ✨✨ São todos com textura de glitter (ou purpurina) na cor neutra, que seria esse branco meio prateado. No pack tem ícones para beleza, moda, diversão, pets, festa, viagem, família, amor, natureza, vídeo… Muita coisa […]

Blogging Freebies Vectors and png freebies

Freebie! 8 cool post dividers for your blog posts

Good evening bloggers, how are you? You know the importance of well-written posts, right? It makes all the difference for the reader to feel that the article was prepared on a whim. This is true for the content of the article with useful information, and also for the appearance. The more pleasant to look at, the […]