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White background photos for Instagram: how to take and edit them

Hello my loves, how are you all doing?? 🌻🌻 I see a lot of people dreaming about a white background Instagram feed. Is it your case? There’s a good chance that’s why you ended up here! I understand the appeal of the white background feed very well. I had one myself for a while… I […]

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30 caption ideas for photos with your family 💞

Hi everybody! 💛✨ I know many of you have been spending a lot of quality time with your loved ones lately. Quarantining with our closest family members, going through this challenging time together with the people the know us and love us the most is a blessing we shouldn’t take for granted. So here’s a […]

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How to design social media posts using ONLY PowerPoint

Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally publish the second post of my glitter girl series. I’ve been working for a few days on it, and just like the first post, I think the result is super special and unique 💖☺ The goal here is to teach you how to create social media posts using […]

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30 caption ideas for photos with friends that are #squadgoals

Coming up with Instagram captions is always a challenge. We usually just wanna go ahead and post the damn pic, but sometimes the the caption just HAS to be perfect. For example, a pretty selfie with your bff. Or all the girls together at an epic moment. Or just a random day, when all you […]