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    Monday morning quotes to get motivated and have the best week EVER!

    yep, the weekend is over.

    No reason to worry though. There’s a brand new one coming soon, so now it’s time to focus on making this week a great one.

    Let’s enjoy each and every day properly, taking care of ourselves, dedicating time to work and to rest, catching up with friends and family and learning as much as we can, every step of the way. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I don’t care. It’s the truth! 🤙🏽😌

    Here’s a gallery of monday morning quotes I created to kick off the week with the best energy possible. Some of these can also be used as cute phone wallpapers 🙂

    Instagram quotes on the shop:

    Monday morning quotes for social media

    Hope you like these, guys!

    And happy monday 🙂



    Graphic Design Instagram Social media

    Instagram Highlight covers design ideas

    Hello there! 🦔💕

    If you’re working to improve your Instagram’s design in a cohesive and unique way, you’ve probably considered matching the highlight covers to your whole aesthetic. They’re perfect to accentuate even more the style you’re going for, no doubt about it!

    So here’s a few design ideas I came up with, that I think you should consider. There are so many cute options!

    Instagram highlight cover design ideas

    Icons are the most common highlight cover images out there, but still a great option. My suggestion here is to combine them with custom fonts on the highlight’s names, to give it more of a personal touch!

    Get these highlights: ⟡

    This is the design I chose for my own Insta! Instead of an image, I use a custom text on the cover. In the name, since the highlight is already described above, I use a decorative symbol. So cool 🙂

    Get these highlights: ⟡

    I know how you guys love cute minimalistic sparkly things haha! So this is def gonna be a fav, I’m sure. You can use your favorite texture, just placing it in different positions in each cover. As for the name, a single emoji is enough. If you use a nice combination of colors or any pattern you like between emojis and texture, it’ll look fabulous!

    💖 These textures will be available in the shop soon 🙂

    Last but not least, you can use beautiful photos in the covers as well. Even better if the photos are super minimal, very bright and with the same filter/aesthetic as the rest of your feed!

    Get these photos: ⟡



    Instagram Photo editing Social media

    White background photos for Instagram: how to take and edit them

    Hello my loves, how are you all doing?? 🌻🌻

    I see a lot of people dreaming about a white background Instagram feed. Is it your case? There’s a good chance that’s why you ended up here!

    I understand the appeal of the white background feed very well. I had one myself for a while…

    I prioritized photos with a very clear background. It looked super clean and professional, and well organized too. There’s no doubt it can be really elegant. But I stopped doing it because it was soooo much work, so many pics I couldn’t post because it didn’t match the aesthetic… and it took hours to edit each simples post :/

    I wrote a whole post about hard to maintain insta feeds, where I elaborate on this subject. We’re not here to discuss that today! Our focus are the tips on how to achieve a beautiful white background Insta feed.

    Just an FYI, I highly suggest you take a look at my special 5 posts on Instagram feed organization for general tips on Insta feed designs. There is a lot of useful information there, so that could be an excelent starting point ✨✨

    In one of the posts for the special, I spoke briefly about white feeds, and about the fact that the most important thing if you want one, is to take and pick the photos you’ll post with the feed in mind. The selection of the image is key here. You should use clear images, with as few colors as possible, or with the colors that match your palette. The edits are important too, but this first part is crucial.

    However, there are other ways to lighten the feed without necessarily having only super bright pics. If you have design skills, you can make collages where the base is all white, and the photos, whatever color they are, are placed on top. Some called these “infinite background”. You can also use polaroid frames [post here] or white borders around the photo [post here] 🙂

    💡 A cool feature to use in your designs are high resolution white textured backgrounds. Here’s 4 options that can be used as a background for quotes, collages, and designs of all sorts. I got these from Unsplash:

    White backgrounds for download

    How to have a white instagram feed

    If your goal is a feed composed only by photos -no collages, no borders, nothing like that- then the photos you take (or look for online) have to be super bright, like I mentioned above. In that case, the production of the pics must be done carefully, taking into account shadows, light, and everything that can affect the quality and sharpness of the photo ✨

    I posted here about flatlays that I think can be very useful. With the phones we have access to nowadays, even if they’re not the newest most advanced one, it became easy to take great photos without major productions.


    How to edit white background images

    Some tips to remember always:

    • The VSCO app is my favorite photo edit app among the free options. There’s a whole post about it here.
    • Be careful when taking white background photos not to over burst the light in a way that the contours and shape of the image are lost.
    • In addition to increasing the lighting, I recommend regulating the temperature of the image. Cool the photo down might be a good way to lighten it up. But it’s up to you, and your prefered aesthetic.
    • If you prefer, you can apply a premade filter. Just be aware that they affect each image differently. So use the edit tools to adjust them afterwards, if necessary.

    I created 5 feed ideas especially for this post, aiming to show the possibilities within the clear background spectrum so you can observe the differences between them, and help you choose the option that best fits your goals.

    White background Instagram feed ideas:

    1. Abundant brightness

    On this feed, all the photos are super bright and with clear backgrounds. In the video I made showing the development, you’ll notice that I made the backgrounds more bluish on purpose. I think that makes all the photos look more similar to each other, and gives adds character for the feed.

    2. White background + solid color

    Here’s a second example with a light background, but the feed is not entirely white. In fact, I believe that when people say they want a feed with a white background, they often refer to this. They are photos with a clear background, basically. Pure white is very artificial and almost impossible to achieve.

    Love this feed? Get this theme by only U$1

    3. White background + minimalism

    This white feed on the other hand is much more extreme. Super hard to keep something like this up in real life, right? Hahah! But I couldn’t help including it.

    Still, the backgrounds of the photos are not really white. As I mentioned above, it looks way too fake. So here I tried to standardize the tone of the backgrounds of all the photos, which was not identical (it would take hours to be hahah), but it got closer!

    This is one of the types of feeds that some people call “infinite background”. I’ll write a post on that subject soon, with more details.

    4. White borders

    They’re not really borders, but empty spaces in each post, showing the background. In the video below you can understand what I mean. This example looks more like a collage than a bordered feed, actually. You can also fit inside the “infinite background” category, I guess, that I’ll post about soon.

    See how the white background seems to lighten up the whole feed?

    But, as I always say, I don’t think these designs work for any feed, and I don’t find it easy to maintain. In my opinion, only artistic feeds look so beautiful, as long as the design is done professionally, and the photos have a lot of quality. But it’s just a personal opinion!

    5. White background + warm tones

    Finally, a blogger style Instagram feed, with clear backgrounds and neutral shades. It goes from almost pure white to a different shades of gray. But at first glance what you see is a super bright feed with predominantly white backgrounds. Right?

    It’s also interesting to notice that, for example, the photo with the cup of coffee at the top row has no light background. But it still blended well, because a large portion of the image is white. In addition, it is very symmetrical and centralized, giving an incredible sense of harmony and order. All of this, added to the fact that it matches the aesthetics of the rest of the feed, made it work greatly.

    Love this feed? Get this theme by only U$1

    I hope the feeds are inspiring and the information helps. If any clarification is missing in the post, just leave a comment here, which I will probably answer in a few minutes. Instagram messages take days, and sometimes I forget! 😅

    I’ll leave some images down here for you to practice, or use on your feeds. Everything via Unsplash, as always …

    White background images for Instagram



    Social media

    30 caption ideas for photos with your family 💞

    Hi everybody! 💛✨

    I know many of you have been spending a lot of quality time with your loved ones lately. Quarantining with our closest family members, going through this challenging time together with the people the know us and love us the most is a blessing we shouldn’t take for granted.

    So here’s a list of ideas for captions to use on social media for posts with mothers, fathers, siblings, and also of course, cousins, aunts and uncles and beloved grandparents!

    I’ve posted caption ideas for selfies, travel photos, pics with friends and for couples. Maybe you’d like to check them out to.

    So here are the ideas, hope you like them:

    Caption ideas for photos with family

    1. All i am and all i have begins and ends with you
    2. I call it LOVE
    3. Always remember: my heart holds you when my arms can’t.
    4. I love you endlessly
    5. We laugh until we cry, we cry until we laugh
    6. My whole universe
    7. Just call my name. I’ll be there
    8. I am my mother’s/father’s daughter and i’m not afraid of anything
    9. We create our own sunshine
    10. I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes
    11. I’m everything I am because you loved me
    12. Every part of my aching heart needs you more than the angels do
    13. Grateful for so much. But especially for you.
    14. Loving you. Supporting you. Believing in you. Always.
    15. Thank you for being the one safe place I cant turn to.
    16. My biggest happiness is that i’m a little piece of you
    17. Endless, incomparable and unconditional
    18. My family is my peace
    19. We communicate without a single word
    20. Yeah, friends come in handy, but family is family
    21. Home = you
    22. Proud to be a part of this fantastic team
    23. My one unquestionable truth
    24. You’ll never know just how much I love you
    25. Always and no matter what.
    26. Just the right mix of chaos and love
    27. These 3/4/5 people are my actual definition of “home”
    28. If I know what love is, is because of you
    29. And together we built a life we love
    30. You put your arms around me and I’m home

    To make your post even cuter, check out these emoji combination suggestions too!

    That’s all for today guys. Thank you for stopping by 🌼🌼



    Graphic Design Social media

    How to design social media posts using ONLY PowerPoint

    Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally publish the second post of my glitter girl series. I’ve been working for a few days on it, and just like the first post, I think the result is super special and unique 💖☺

    The goal here is to teach you how to create social media posts using PowerPoint. For those of you who are not designers, but need or want to design your own stuff! Either because you can’t afford to hire a designer, or because you just like having fun with design, but with zero intention of learning how to use apps or Photoshop.

    And let me be very honest here: PowerPoint is an excellent tool to create any type of design, including beautiful social media posts. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

    So in this quick tutorial I showed a simple example that is guaranteed to work for many purposes. And yes, I did use Google Slides instead of PPT, because no, I don’t have PowerPoint installed on my computer hahaha, but don’t worry about that, the it doesn’t change anything in the end hahah!

    💎 If you want to check the brand book template I mention on the second slide, this is the post. I strongly recommend you invest some time working on yours! You’ll see how much it’ll help you on your marketing and social media strategies and pretty much everything related to your branding.

    Also, as I promised in the Instagram post, here’s the link to download the open file with the 6 templates I’ve created. Since I used Google Slides on a Mac, I can’t say for sure all the fonts will work for you depending on your computer system or software. But the templates should work fine on PowerPoint, I’ve tested here and had no difficulties! If any of the fonts change, you can find a cute one to replace it.

    Here are the final designs if you want to take a look. I used the same structure on all of them to show how this tutorial can be used for different aesthetics:

    Thank you for the visit guys, please let me know what you’d like me to post about in the future so I can prepare content you’ll find useful, ok?



    Instagram Social media

    30 caption ideas for photos with friends that are #squadgoals

    Coming up with Instagram captions is always a challenge.

    We usually just wanna go ahead and post the damn pic, but sometimes the the caption just HAS to be perfect.

    For example, a pretty selfie with your bff. Or all the girls together at an epic moment. Or just a random day, when all you want is to shout your love for the bestie(s) to the whole world 💗💗💗

    I’ve always loved writing insta captions myself. My brain travels far reaching for song lyrics, quotes, shows and movies classic lines… I have a mental Pinterest folder with a nice archive full of those, besides my actual Pinterest folders of course.

    New on the shop:

    So I came up with this list with a few options to help you out. Check them out below:

    Instagram caption Ideas for pictures with friends

    1. How did the universe bottle so much wonder into your soul?
    2. My happy-go-lucky Ray of fucking sunshine
    3. Now that’s raining more than ever, know that we still have each other
    4. My happiest moments weren’t complete if you weren’t by my side
    5. Stronger together
    6. Because she feels like sunshine
    7. Till eternity
    8. we root for each other and watch each other grow
    9. When she talks I hear the revolution
    10. No angels
    11. She’s so beautiful, and I tell her everyday
    12. And you know we’re on each other’s team
    13. Beautiful is what she is
    14. All I need in this life
    15. We play dumb but we know exactly what we’re doin’
    16. I hope you know how loved you are
    17. Wherever we go, whatever we do. we’ve got each other.
    18. We’re made of stardust and wishes and magical things
    19. As long as it’s with you.
    20. A piece of me
    21. My ride or die
    22. Hey, soul sister
    23. How rare and beautiful you are
    24. Just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it
    25. And you know for me it’s always you, And I know for you it’s always me
    26. Side by side, always
    27. She’s magic, that one
    28. My angel, my teacher, my partner in crime, my muse.
    29. Better together. always together.
    30. My person

    That’s it for today, chicas.