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What’s the best photo editing app? This is my favorite one!

Hey bloggers, social media, Instagramers, designers, and enthusiasts, how are you? 😊 I think the question I hear most in my professional life is: which app do you use to edit your photos? Well, I’ve been working with Photoshop for over 12 years, so it is my go to option for pretty much anything in […]

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Wanna learn how to take tumblr photos? Its soo easy. Here are the secrets!

Tumblr é um assunto frequente aqui no blog, né amores? Fiz um post explicando o que é foto tumblr, e é um dos mais acessados todo dia aqui. Bom saber que vocês curtem e querem saber mais sobre o tema . Naquele primeiro post, inclusive, eu…

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White background photos for Instagram: how to take and edit them!

Oi amores, tudo bom?? Vejo bastante gente que admira ou tem vontade de ter um Instagram com fundo branco. É o seu caso? Foi por isso que vei parar aqui? Ou só tá curioso mesmo? Hehe! Não importa, tenho certeza que vai curtir o post…

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Aesthetic edit: How to make the cutest glitter effect on your pics

Well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know I’m a huuuuuge fan os the app Meitu, right? Basically everything photo edit related that I do (on my phone!!) I use Meitu. If I’m on my computer, I’ll definitely go with Photoshop. I try to use other apps, I look for cool […]

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How to add border to a picture (with free apps or on Photoshop)

Hey guys! I was in doubt whether to post or not about how to add border on the photos, because I don’t know if there are many people with this doubt. But I think it can be interesting, because I thought the same thing before making the post about the grain effect and I was […]

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How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 1 of 5: Lighting

Finally! I’ve waited so long to stop and post about how to have a pretty Instagram feed!! Lately it’s all I’ve been thinking and talking about. So it became sort of my main topic of interest these days, and I’m loving it .. 💖🧚🏽‍♀️

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How to put photos in polaroid frames (+ 5 PNG mockups to download for free!)

Hi guys, good morning! How are you all doing today? A good way to change your blog and Instagram pictures a bit a give them a unique look is to simulate the polaroid effect. I don’t mean just adding the white border, but the real thing. This is an excellent strategy for when we’ve already […]

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“Tumblr photo”: What it means + the 100 most amazing ones EVER

Tumblr. Ahhh if you could imagine how much I L-O-V-E-D that thing! Back in the early days, when Tumblr was the largest network of blogs in the world (in number of blogs created), a promise of world domination, and at the same time an exclusive and private place, the coolest, most creative and special corner […]

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How to give your photos a grain / noise effect – with an app and on Photoshop

I’ve noticed the grain effect for photo editting is a huge trend, huh? Us graphic designers have been used to working with that technique since forever to give the image a retro look, or even to “save” a bad resolution / pixelated pic. And after all, that’s why many of us use the effect nowadays […]