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Off topic: The best one case true crime podcasts / investigative podcast seasons EVER!

So I’m one of those people who really, REALLY love criminal investigation. You probably know a few, or, since you’re here, likely ARE one 👊🏽 I’m constantly looking for true crime or investigative podcasts to listen to, ever since Serial happened in my life. I’ve been addicted to criminal investigation books, movies and shows for […]

Instagram Lifestyle photography

Fun creative shot ideas for family photos you’ll absolutely LOVE!

I know, family photo ideas are easy to find online. It turns out that the vast majority of the references we find are those super saturated and artificial photoshoots, which is not very fun … And that’s not quite what we’re looking for, right? When I went to research images to make this post, I […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Boho style: What it is and how to wear it

Boho style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And before many people could really understand what it was about, the meaning got lost and vague in a confusing way. It’s common to see grunge looks, or very basic 90’s style outfits being called boho. Why, you ask? Well, I have no idea […]