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    Graphic Design Instagram

    Triplegram – What it is and how to create one to make your Insta feed look amazing

    Hellooo guys! How are you all doing? 💖💖 So, a triplegram is a set of three posts on your Instagram feed that are connected visually somehow. They can only have similar design unifying them aesthetically compared to the other posts, or be even more similar, like three photos from the same photoshoot. Or it could […]

    Graphic Design Instagram Photo editing

    How to give your photos a grain / noise effect – with an app and on Photoshop

    I’ve noticed the grain effect for photo editting is a huge trend, huh? Us graphic designers have been used to working with that technique since forever to give the image a retro look, or even to “save” a bad resolution / pixelated pic. And after all, that’s why many of us use the effect nowadays […]

    Blogging Graphic Design Instagram photography

    What is a flatlay? And why do we LOVE that kind of photo? + How to easily make yours!

    Flatlays, going straight to the point, are pictures taken from the top angle, usually from a flat surface such as a table, floor, etc. The purpose of this type of photo is to focus on objects on the surface, usually arranged in a very aesthetic way and causing a positive visual impact. Okay, now you […]

    Instagram photography

    Why you should be using negative spaces to improve your Instagram pics

    Hi chicas! Let’s talk about Insta feeds?! 🥰💕❤ We all dream about having the perfect feed. But there is not a standard that everyone thinks is ideal. It depends on the person’s style, the type of photos, the filters they like, the shades that have more to do with their lifestyle, among a thousand other factors. […]


    60 images to post on Instagram when you run out of personal pics

    Hey guys, so you know that a good way to keep the consistency of Instagram posts when we don’t have fresh content is resorting to classic photos. And we have a multitude of those on Pinterest and Tumblr! 🌷 The important thing is to choose images that speak to you, with artists that you like and […]

    Instagram Photo editing

    Don’t know what to post on Instagram today? I’ll help you!

    It happens to everyone! 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 Sometimes we feel uninspired, with nothing cool going on to photograph or to post… and little by little our Insta loses track. This is no problem at all, except when you’re working hard to get more followers. Whether because you’re promoting your blog, your products, or your own Instagram profile as […]

    Feeds Instagram

    Instagram Feed Aesthetic: All Yellow

    Heyy guys! How are you doing? Yellow is one of the coolest colors of the moment. Some even say it’s the new pink. For that reason, I know many of you want to use it as the main aesthetic on your Instagram feeds.. And I decided to come up with an inspiration to help 🌼🌼🌼🌼 […]

    Instagram Photos

    5 things to think before taking a selfie

    Love selfies? No worries. I won’t be getting get into a debate about narcissism here! If you’ve decided to take a selfie (or a thousand) no one can or should stop you, and there’s nothing wrong with that 🤳🏽💕✨ And you can – and should – look super cute/hot/cool PLUS get all the likes after […]


    What is #TBT? Learn what it means and how to use the hashtag correctly

    Hi guys! All good? 😊 I decided to write this post here quickly, because that’s a question I get asked frequently. So what is #tbt? I think by now, most people are aware that a #TBT is just an old photo you post on a Thursday. And basically, that’s all it is. But hang in […]