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    Instagram feed theme: Bliss

    Hey! 😌✌🏽

    Welcome back to my blog guys, how are you all doing?

    This is such a special feed I’ve design and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I’ve started designing full themes for the store, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. And this is one of my favorites without a doubt.

    This is Bliss, a boho, free spirit, nature inspired theme with soft neutral tones, bright backgrounds, touches of gold and green and a super special overall feminine indie aesthetics. I love how it’s clean and minimal, but not boring at all 🌿🌙🤎

    My priority when creating my themes is giving them personality and uniqueness. I’m not in this business to create bland basic stuff, and I know you aren’t either! hahaha!

    So check it ou below:

    If you love the Bliss theme, you can purchase the Photoshop templates for the designs and the highlights at the dollar store:

    The social media posts can be used not only on Instagram, but anywhere you’d like. On the Bliss feed you can see how I adapted the templates to create different post designs ✨

    There will be more items from this theme coming up soon, as well as from the other themes. So stay tuned! 🙏🏽💚

    I really hope you guys like this. Please let me know if you have any questions, ok?

    See you again soon.



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    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 5 of 5: Uniqueness

    And here we finally are, chicas. We’ve reached the last post of our Instagram feed special! 🦄💜

    We’ve been through the importance of brightness, alignment, disposition, filters and now we’ll talk about uniqueness.That finishing touch that will make your feed authentic, special and different from everyone else’s 💖💫🤩

    Of course, this step is optional. You can organize your feed just by adjusting the photos well and applying your unique filter on all images. But by adding an extra touch of design, you’ll be really upping your insta feed game. This is the time to put that cherry on the top!


    When I wrote the third post in the series, I thought I’d mention some ways of distributing your posts in your feed. But I chose to focus that post on the visually harmonic disposition, and on this one, to talk about the more creative side.

    There are many ways to increase your feed’s style with something special. A common one is to use quotes, illustrations or generic images beyond your own photos, but following your style and color palette. In addition to giving that striking personality touch that punctuates the feed and helps connect the whole grid aesthetically, with these posts you can show who you are, what you think, what you like…

    In the two examples below, I did just that:

    On these examples below, however, the uniqueness is in the posts themselves. The one on the left has very thin borders every other post. I looove it! And the one on the right is all about the polaroids 😊😊

    You can use Photoshop, Canva, PicsArt, Meitu and many other apps to do edits like that on your pics 💕

    Another way to stand out and differentiate your feed from others is the super popular the puzzle feed. I’ve posted about it here, but I’d definitely check this post out too, before deciding to go down that road haha!

    Is it cool to use borders on the posts?

    I get asked that a lot too. For my personal taste, I like borders (or frames) only when they follow a pattern. For example, using the frame in ALL of the posts, or every other post, always with the same width.

    Random borders give me a feeling of disorder and I don’t feel like looking and exploring each image separately when that happens. Also, always using borders and following a pattern like that takes work and requires a commitment to the style. We talked about that at length on post number 4 of this series. You might come across a perfect photo that that you’re dying to post, but the border thing just doesn’t go with it. So you chose not to use the border and the whole feed is compromised haha.. Think about that before you start any patterns 😉

    Here’s a few examples of borders being used in a way that I 🥰🥰🥰🥰:

    Whatever your choice for the uniqueness touch is, if the goal is a whole, integrated feed like we’ve been talking about in the special, it has to match your photos nicely. Quotes, designs, collages, everything has to communicate with the same language. So even if the content of one post is completely different from the next one, you need to find elements that connect them visually. On the examples below you’ll see what I mean:

    And now, time to finalize our feed!

    After completing the 5 steps introduced in this special, here’s the result. I’ve placed two cute quotes I found on Pinterest, changed the colors to shades that match my theme, and that’s it! ✨✨

    Thank you for sticking with me till the end, chicas. See you on the next post? ☺💗

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    Feeds Instagram

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 4 of 5: Filters and photo editing

    Hello my beautiful chicas! How are you all doing?

    I know you’re looking forward to this fourth step of our special, so I have prepared this content with a lot of love and dedication ✨💖💫

    If you haven’t checked out the first posts, this is the beginning. Start there 🙂

    And now let’s talk about your highness, the filter 👑

    I think if you’re looking for information on how to improve your Instagram feed visuals, you already have a pretty good idea how important it is to have cohesive aesthetics for all your posts. That means, they should be integrated visually by the same style, editing and, most times, have the same color palette. So at the very least, it is crucial to use the same filter for all the images you post. But I’m sure you’ve got some questions…

    🙍🏽 I use the same filter but my pics still look different, what am I doing wrong?

    I get asked that a lot! It’s important to keep in mind that just applying the same filter to every pic might not be enough, girls. To get that uniform look with all the photos really integrated, you might need to regulate brightness, intensity, contrast, individually. Because the filter might get to different results depending on how the original image is.

    So go ahead and use your awesome VSCO filter, and, after that, take that extra step and adjust whatever is necessary on each image to make sure it fits your whole aesthetics. That’s how users that have amazing feeds do it!

    🙎🏽 And how do I know which filter is right for me?

    The perfect filter for you will depend on your personal taste, of course. But to find which one suits you the most, you will need to try some options. And there are so many possibilities that we actually get overwhelmed with options and it paralyzes us. Have you noticed this weird phenomenon? hahaha! 🙈🙈🙈

    Be honest with yourself. What do you really like? Full of color or little saturation? Cold or hot temperatures ? Super light or darker? Indie aesthetics or more of a pop kinda vibe? Girlie pink? Super minimalist? Retro? You’ll have to pick your aesthetics and stick with it, love 👽

    Search on the Insta, Pinterest, even here on my blog for pretty feeds. Which one makes you feel like “this is so me!” ? I have a whole post fullll of VSCO filter ideas right here, you can go through those for this experiment!

    If you haven’t already done so, create a board on Pinterest and pin the references that match your ideal feed. Doesn’t mean you’ll copy someone’s style, but that you’ll have a better sense of what kind of feed you want, and define your 💖 THEME 💖

    🙋🏽‍♀️ And can I have an exclusive filter?

    Sure! My recommendation for this would be the VSCO app, probably the best and most popular one out there for image editing.  You can use a native filter from the app, regulate the intensity, and then calibrate each tool, editing more or less brightness, saturation, etc.

    The intensity you choose for each tool is at your discretion, so the result will be really unique. But my favorite thing about VSCO is that you just need to create it in one photo. After that one is ready, you can click on it, go to the three dots that are on the right underneath, click on “copy” and then select the other photos and in the same place select “paste edits”. ABRA CADABRA! ✨🦄

    To be honest though, several other apps also have super cute filters. I love Meitu’s and Unum’s, which are the other two image editing apps I use a lot and, despite having another main focus on image editing/feed planing, they have surprisingly cool filter options and I use them a lot. Check this one out:

    ➡ Important: I said this at the end of the first post (about brightness) and promised to elaborate on this one. If you want, for example, the famous and so craved white feed, the filter will not do the magic alone. At the time of taking or choosing the photos, this has to be taken into consideration. Like, if the goal is a whole pink feed, the more photos with actually pink stuff on it, the better.

    Might sound obvious, but it’s really not, sometimes! 😅

    💁🏽‍♀️ Great, now how do I get a feed with the theme I chose?

    So your feed theme will be a combination of the content of your posts + the filters or edits you apply on them. The more specific your theme, the more you’ll have to limit your content to that one subject.

    If that’s your case, the first thing you’ll need to do is to get used to giving up some photos, and create enough content that matches the style. Once you’ve done that, you apply the filter that will visually unify them even more. Before you pick yours, check out this posts I wrote about difficult Instagram feed themes. I think it will give you some light! 😇💡

    The greater your commitment to photos within your theme, the greater the chance of it being consistent. But that will mean giving up nice photos and special moments just because “it doesn’t match the feed” hahaha. So think about how much this commitment is worth to you.

    Kim Kardashian edited the tone of North’s magazine cover to match her Insta feed. To post the original, she placed it on the second slide, and explained all of it, very sincerely on the caption 🌷

    But remember: it is possible to have a good feed without any extreme theme limitations. No one wears a pink piece of clothing every day of their lives, or manages to take an ultra minimalist photo everyday, or has a Californian summer landscape available for photoshoots every sunset hour 😂😂

    Moving on, I made 4 filter options as suggestions for you guys, exclusively for this post. You can use them as they are, or change some detail (and keep it a secret hehe) to make it your own! (Update: I made a post with all the VSCO filters I’ve ever created, check it out here):

    Two very important considerations on these 4 examples:

    💡 All these pics are from Unplash, all taken by professionals with professional cameras. Photo quality greatly influences the effect of the filter. But even with a medium quality phone nowadays you can take AWESOME photos. So no excuses, ok? 😇💖

    💡 Before applying the filters, brighten up all of the photos a bit. But I guess I have said that enough through this special already, right? hahaha

    🤷🏽‍♀️ Ok, but seriously, which filters are better?

    I can give you 1 trillion examples of amazing filter options. I’ve read that bluish undertone filters generate more likes, but I don’t have an actual source to corroborate that right now. I do see many influencers decreasing the saturation of the photo (makes colors less vibrant and less colorful), and increasing the contrast and the brightness. So if that’s the style you’re going for, you could maybe use the aesthetics.

    I’ve had a bluish undertone insta theme for years and I really loved it. The main color was pink, but the undertone was cool, because I always lowered the temperatures of the images. I truly thought it was beautiful, but it just wasn’t me. So after a lot of thinking and honestly speaking to myself, I realized I just wanted to go warm. And I did.

    Nothing better than just following your own style! 😌💞

    Here’s some theme/filter inspo straight from Insta:

    Instagram feed theme ideas:

    So now let’s see how this step works in real life? 🦋 I used a very simple blue filter on our practising feed, just to show you the difference:

    What do you think? 🙂

    Ohhh wow! What a looong post. I hope it’s useful, guys. Any questions, comments or inputs, the comment box is down below 💗💗 Please use it 😛

    See you tomorrow for the last post of this Instagram feed special!

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    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 3 of 5: Disposition

    I’ll start the post apologizing for the delay! 😣 I was supposed to have published this post sooner, but the last days were super busy around here with a lot of stuff going on!

    Anyway, shall we resume our special? 💖💫

    If you haven’t read the previous posts yet, we’ve already talked about the importance of brightening the photos, how to align them correctly, and now let’s talk about the disposition of the images on your feed. Ready?

    Harmonious disposition

    Disposition is the most challenging of the 5 steps on this special, I think. Specially if you have a personal account, and your posts happen spontaneously, so you can’t plan the feed ahead. And don’t get me wrong, being able to figure out what you’ll post for the next days, weeks and months is not easy!

    But it does help A LOT to place the posts in the most harmonious possible way in advance, using apps like Preview or Unum, and to make the decision about what to post when, and even how to edit each picture individually, based on what will be next to it, above it, etc.

    My feed planning on Preview App

    Sure this habit of planning a feed is much more common for businesses and for brands that already have the content in hand in advance. But some influencers or anybody who aspires to be influencer or to grow their personal accounts can also do this.

    So should I always plan my feed in advance?

    You don’t need to. In fact, more often than not, it turns out to be one more obstacle that blocks your content from flowing more consistently. So, instead, you can just pay attention to the weight disposition of the photos as you post them. As we all know, Instagram doesn’t allow us to change the order of the photos once they’re posted :/

    So, let’s say, the last image was a selfie. Ideally, the next post would have a larger breather area around it. Or, even better, not show any humans at all. Selfies and photos with people, in general, have a heavier “weight” of information, because we create a strong human connection when we see them 🙃

    With that in mind, take all possible types of photos into consideration and try to puzzle them together in a way that is harmonious. If you can I made an illustration to explain this visually:

    Keeping the photos of yourself only on every other post, and using different angles and frames, you’ll find a good overall balance! 💎💎💎

    That logic goes for both personal and product accounts. For example:

    If it’s feasible and makes sense to you, all photos having the same weight can result in a pretty neatly organized feed too. But it has to be a conscious choice, and you should stick with it strongly. Take a look:

    Another aspect that can determine the weight of a photo, and helps define an appropriate and harmonious disposition of elements are the colors. Especially in case you want to punctuate specific hues. Examples:

    See what I mean? 🔆💖

    Now, it takes trying, testing, playing with the options and possibilities and, with time, you’ll become an expert! ☺

    Oh, and back to our feed development, I reorganized the disposition of our photos in a prettier way:

    Tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll publish the forth post of the special. And it’s the one you’re probably waiting for… FILTERS! 👩🏽‍🎨✨🤩🤩🤩

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    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 2 of 5: Alignment

    Hey guys!

    Continuing our special in 5 steps of how to have an Instagram feed that is neat, beautiful and authentic (I keep changing these three words to keep you interested haha), today we’ll focus on the ALIGNMENT. Yesterday I wrote a lot about the importance of brightening the photos well, so if you haven’t read the first post, just click here 💖✨

    First of all, promise me you will not be intimidated by this step! It’s so very important to work on if you want to achieve that super cute feed you dream of, and I swear it’s so easy to do.

    The great thing is, this step is kind of a little secret, because I don’t really see a lot of people using it in their favor. And it makes a huge difference. Once you start paying attention to it, it becomes an OBSESSION! hahahahaha (or is it just me tho 🤨😂😂)

    The Importance of Aligning Photos in your Feed

    The fact is, humans react well to super organized, harmonic, well-distributed objects. It makes us feel comfortable knowing there’s a pattern and a logical order to the elements, and that makes the scene pleasurable to look at. And although there’s no need for you to have total control over the alignment of every little detail in the photo, trying to find a balance in that sense greatly favors the image.

    But how to do it? 🤔

    Tip: Look for the baseline of the photo. Usually it’s the ground, the horizon, or vertically it could be walls, buildings…. In most of the photos we take, they are bent to one side or another, or up or down. So a good starting point is to try to make those lines straight.

    Check out how I fixed the images on our feed down below:

    How to straighten photos on my phone?

    Easy! Most photo edit apps like VSCO have the alignment tool that allows you to do this. The iPhone built in image editor has it as well:

    Make sure to use the vertical and horizontal alignment adjustments too (in this picture, the second and third circles)

    I think the first question popping up in your heads when I say this is: do all images always have to be perfectly aligned then? And the answer is: not all of them.

    But I suggest that you always take a careful look at your pics to see if the lines are straight, if the main object is well positioned and if it needs better cropping. It might seem like a silly detail, even irrelevant on one photo, but in the whole feed it gives lots of harmony and makes the design more beautiful 🌷

    To center or not to center?

    Regarding the position of the main object of the photo, I know it’s difficult to have every single element perfectly centered on every single post. And it might not even work for some accounts, because it looks a bit monotonous, although it is definitely a good option in many cases as well. So if you want balance, my suggestion is to interleave well centered photos, with others where the main object is more to the left, then to the right, and so it goes. And that goes for selfies, group photos, nature photos, objects, pets, food, sunsets…

    But Lu, some photos look much cooler when they are not aligned straight! – I agree! Tbh very recently I twisted a photo in a way that it looked more crooked and natural. So I get what you mean! Over time we learn how to tell when I pic has potential to look better centered/straight or not, and how to use them on our feed 🤓💕

    I took these 4 feed examples below, with well aligned photos, to illustrate this point. Look how it works both for the more minimalist style and also for the “busy” style. For images with people, objects, spaces…

    So that’s it! This is the second step to reach our #feedgoals and there’s a lot more cool stuff coming soon 🦋

    I hope you are enjoying this special. I would loooove it if you can leave a comment by saying what you thought!

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    Feeds Photo editing

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 1 of 5: Brightness

    Hey chicas! 🌻🧡

    As I mentioned in the introductory post, a series of posts on Instagram feed organization starts today here on the blog, with tips on how to have the pretty, authentic, organized instagram feed of your dreams. I’m super excited about this series, and hope it will be helpful!

    So let’s jump to the first step of the tutorial: brightness! Ready? 💫

    I’d rather put the exception up front, so you keep that in mind while you read the post. If you love a darker aesthetic, or maybe your Insta has a dark overall vibe, or if for any other reason you find that well-lit pictures are not the best option for you, there’s no problem at all. Here on this post I present bright feeds as it usually enhances the feed visuals pretty well, but it’s definitely not the only possible option!

    Example of a dark feed aesthetics, though I’m sure they enhanced the brightness on the main subjects of the photos 😇🖤

    To illustrate every step of this special, I selected 15 photos from my camera roll and created a feed with them. The photos are down below, and do not have any kind of filter or editing on them yet:

    como ter um feed organizado 1

    As you can see, I chose photos that I think are cool, with several different weights, some taken outdoors, some at night, a few objects, selfies, etc! Trying to make it as realistic as possible.

    So guys, this first step is simple. In a nutshell, always brighten up all your photos. There are a few easy ways you can get that done. For example:

    1. If you can, take your photos using natural light

    I don’t think there’s ONE post here on the blog where I have not talked, at some point, about the importance of natural light in photography! hahaha! So here’s one more for the bunch ☀☀☀

    If you have the option of taking the photo outdoors, or anyplace where there’s abundant natural sunlight, do so. Because the quality of the photo will be better and everything will look more beautiful! If you have professional photography lights or even a studio available to take your pictures in, then of course that will also do the trick 😉❤

    2. Improve photo brightness using an app

    If natural/abundant light is not an option, you can always brighten up the image a little by editing the pic with an app.

    I wondered if I should recommend apps to increase the light in the photos or show a step by step guide, but this resource is literally in ALL edit apps, software etc. So you can pick your favorite! The phone image editor itself even has this tool.

    Oh, and please remember: this edit should be used carefully. Don’t overdo it. Just a little bit of light will enhance the photo and that’s all we need to worry about at this point.

    This is our feed with the first step completed:

    Easy, right? And it seems so insignificant, some people actually despise it and end up not doing it. But girls, it is the combination of all the steps that will built the final result, okay? Every little thing makes a big difference in the end 💖✨

    Note 1. I know that everything is easier having the 15 photos ahead to assemble an organized feed. In real life, especially for those who have a non-professional Instagram account, posts come out of nowhere, there’s no way to plan it like this.

    Note 2. If your goal is a SUPER BRIGHT feed, just increasing the brightness of the photos won’t be enough. You’ll need to actually take photos with primarily white areas, use/look for white or bright backgrounds to shoot your pics, etc. I wrote a whole post about that, you can read it here.

    Cooling down the tint of the photo and removing some of the saturation also helps it look lighter. But I’ll talk about that on post 4 of the series 💡

    Beautiful white background Instagram feed:

    Tomorrow I’ll post second part of this beautiful special, chicas! If you liked it, leave a comment please 🙏🏽💗☺

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    Feeds Instagram

    SPECIAL ☆ How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – The definitive tutorial!

    FINALLY! It’s here!

    I’ve been meaning to write these step by step posts on how to have a cute, organized, unique Instagram feed for ages, and now it’s finally happening. I’m so happy! Lately tbh that’s all I’ve been thinking about and working on, and I know you guys are super into this subject too, because I get asked about it a lot. And I love it! 💖🧚🏽‍♀️

    If you’ve just arrived on the blog now for the first time and don’t know me yet, I’ve been a graphic designer for more than 10 years now, and recently Instagram feeds design have become my specialty, and my biggest passion as well.

    Some of my feeds:

    I started by posting a few quick tips on the blog whenever I had the time, and also creating a few inspirational feeds with a variety of themes and styles, and I noticed there was a lot of interest in them. So many repins, comments and new followers on Pinterest, that turned this blog upside down completely, and made me shift my focus to this type of design almost 100%.

    So I began to feel the need to develop a small guide that would answer many of the frequent questions I get, and also cover a few observations I believe are relevant for anyone interested in upgrading their Insta feed designs. And now here we are! 💕

    How will the Special work?

    I’ll share my tips on how to achieve your Instagram’s dream feed in 5 essential posts, doing my best to be objective and practical and not to waste anyone’s time. In addition, each tip will be illustrated very well, and, better than that, I’ll create a feed from scratch, applying the five tips, so you can see the difference that each step makes. Sound good?

    Without further ado, below are the 5 chapters of the series. I truly hope you enjoy them. Let me know if it helped you in anyway 🙂

    Of course all questions are super welcome as well. Comments on the post are the best way for us to have a conversation, so don’t be afraid to use them!



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    Instagram Feed theme aesthetic: Eucalyptus

    It’s been sooooo long since I posted an Insta feed theme here, right guys? And if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see this is not a super new super original one either haha!

    Work has been crazy lately, so I rarely get any free time to work on the blog. The good news is that that is about to change, and i couldn’t be more excited! I’ll tell you more soon 🙂

    So let’s get to the feed!

    I named it Eucalyptus because of the color palette I chose. It’s a soft, elegant color that goes well with many shades. One of my favorites!

    Oh, and yes, it’s a puzzle feed. I know you guys love those..

    A quick video I made while I was creating the feed:

    And the color palette!

    I’ll just leave these here and hope you guys enjoy the inspiration.

    Gotta run!!



    Feeds Instagram

    Instagram feed aesthetic: Angel Baby

    As requested, guys! 💗🍦🎀

    A dear dear friend loooves soft aesthetic, which she refers to as angel baby and I 100% had no idea it even had a name haha! But it’s easy to recognize when you work with design and aesthetic like myselfff 🙂

    I agree it’s a super cute aesthetic, and I had a great time creating this feed. It’s sweet, innocent, very teen style form the 80s, 90s, highly “feminine”. As girlie as it gets, in the traditional concept obviously.

    I did have a time finding the right images though. I’ve been challenging myself not to use Pinterest photos anymore, since they’re not copyright free, so on new posts I only go with Unsplash. It’s the right thing to do now that I’m taking the blog so seriously.

    New on the shop:

    I f I had used Pinterest and Tumblr photos it would’ve been SO easy to complete this feed in FIVE MINUTES haha! There are so many angel baby images around those websites, it’s crazy. But I took the challenge, got some coffee, and 5 hours later here I am ahah 😇😇😇

    Angel baby insta feed aesthetic


    To help me search for the pictures, I found this awesome video on Youtube. It’s about the elements commonly used in this aesthetic, and it truly guided me through the process. Even if I already knew what it as about, it was very informative!

    But hey, I know what you came here to see. The filter, right? Many of you even ended up here on the post looking for that.. 💕💅🏽

    Well, there’s 2 steps. First, the VSCO filter, that I’ll display down below, and afterwards a Meitu filter to give it more of a retro feeling. Let me know if you have any questions.

    And this is what I did on Meitu:

    Filter: MP5 50%

    You guys, the Meitu step makes a huge difference, believe me. Especially if your pic is high resolution. If you blur it a little, like a did, the mood gets more soft, the pic looks more retro, and the aesthetic is more evident.

    And now the cute sweet adorable girlie color palette hahaha:

    And the pics, in case you need them. All from Unsplash, all edited by me:

    Did you like it? I hope so!