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Instagram Puzzle Feed: what is and how to make yours (+ a template for free download!)

Guys! There’s a lot of people out there right now dreaming of a beautiful Instagram feed expressing their own asthetic and personality, right? Since I started designing feeds in various styles and posting here on the blog, Pinterest and Stories, I have noticed the huge interest of you in the subject, and people from all […]

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Freebie! Glitter Instagram Stories Highlight cover icons

Hi there! 🙂 I’ve created a new pack of Instagram Stories highlight covers, and this time they shine sooo bright! ✨✨ São todos com textura de glitter (ou purpurina) na cor neutra, que seria esse branco meio prateado. No pack tem ícones para beleza, moda, diversão, pets, festa, viagem, família, amor, natureza, vídeo… Muita coisa […]

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Triplegram – What it is and how to create one to make your Insta feed look amazing

Hellooo guys! How are you all doing? 💖💖 So, triplegram is the practice of posting photos on Instagram so that the 3 photos that are on the same line match, or have something in common. It can be the same shade, the same situation in different poses, or even a photo divided into three, mosaic […]

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How to give your photos a grain / noise effect – with an app and on Photoshop

I’ve noticed the grain effect for photo editting is a huge trend, huh? Us graphic designers have been used to working with that technique since forever to give the image a retro look, or even to “save” a bad resolution / pixelated pic. And after all, that’s why many of us use the effect nowadays […]

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What is Canva and why it’s one of the coolest graphic design tools EVER!

As always, I will start the post by going straight to the point, without any trouble, for those who want a simple answer! Canva is a very popular website and app that offers resources to create graphic and digital design pieces such as social media posts, flyers, business cards, invitations and more. It has a […]

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7 steps to edit phone photos easy and quick!

Heyyy guys! I’ve been gone for a while but now I’m back ☺💗💖💫 Today the subject is how to edit photos taken on the phone quickly in Photohop. Each photo requires a specific treatment, it is complicated to generalize … But this 7-step guide is super useful, and does it work in many cases? This […]

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What is a Flat Lay? And why do we LOVE that kind of photo? + How to easily make yours!

Flat lays, going straight to the point, are pictures taken from the top angle, usually from a flat surface such as a table, floor, etc. The purpose of this type of photo is to focus on objects on the surface, usually arranged in a very aesthetic way and causing a positive visual impact.