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    Blogging Youtube

    30 post and video content ideas for the next month [3]

    Ei amorecos. Tava aqui elaborando a listinhas de assuntos para criar conteúdo neste mês, e caiu uma ficha. Estes tópicos super servem também para vídeos, né? Não tinha visto por esse lado antes. Então espero que ajude a galerinha que prefere gerar esse tipo de mídia!

    Blogging Youtube

    30 post and video content ideas for the next month [2]

    Hey guys, as I promised last month, here I am with a list of content ideas for blogs, videos and social media. If you haven’t checked the first post it’s [here]! 🐣✨ As I’ve said many many times, it is absolutely essential to maintain good frequency and consistency of content creation, in whatever medium you […]

    Blogging Freebies Instagram Photo editing Photos

    How to put photos in polaroid frames (+ 8 free PNG mockups!)

    Hi guys, good morning! How are you all doing today? 💞 A good way to change your blog designs and your Instagram pictures a bit a give them a unique look, is to simulate the polaroid effect. I don’t mean just adding the white border, but the real thing. When it looks like you took […]

    Blogging Graphic Design

    What is Canva and why it’s one of the coolest graphic design tools EVER!

    Update: this post was written around 2016/17. Much has changed on Canva since then, and I plan to write about it soon. So many cool, useful changes! I still love Canva and use it more than ever now. But this is just.a heads up if you’ve arrived here in 2020 that the information below might […]

    Blogging Freebies

    30 post and video content ideas to post over the next month

    Post every day. If possible, posts twice a day. If possible, 3 times. I tell this to all my clients, and I know it sounds ambitious as hell. But it’s the best suggestion I can give to anyone who wants to succeed with their blogs. Consistency! However, while having a prolific blog is important, the quality […]

    Blogging Freebies

    Freebie! 8 cool post dividers for your blog posts

    Hey, if you’re looking for Instagram feed dividers, there’s a post here, and another one here 🙂 Good evening chicas, how are you? ☺💖 You know the importance of well-written posts, right? It makes all the difference for the reader to feel that the article was prepared carefully and thoughtfully. This is true for both […]

    Blogging Graphic Design Instagram photography

    What is a flatlay? And why do we LOVE that kind of photo? + How to easily make yours!

    Flatlays, going straight to the point, are pictures taken from the top angle, usually from a flat surface such as a table, floor, etc. The purpose of this type of photo is to focus on objects on the surface, usually arranged in a very aesthetic way and causing a positive visual impact. Okay, now you […]


    How to make money blogging – the easiest way

    Hi everyone! ☺ The purpose of this post is to really help you monetize your blog or website. So I promise I’ll try to be as objective as possible and quickly give all the tips about the subject in an organized and practical way. Briefly, the 4 best ways to make money blogging or website […]