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    Freebies Graphic Design

    30 free paper textures for backgrounds ready to download and use

    Heyy guys, how are you doing? Don’t you just love using good quality textures on design backgrounds? I’m always alert while browsing the web for good resourses to download and collect 💕✨ I love using paper textures because they’re light and easy to blend in, and it gives a human touch to the composition. So […]


    30 awesome caption ideas for your selfies on Instagram

    Hey guys! I’m so happy to share this post with you today. The blog is finally getting consistent and I could not be happier about it. My native language is Portuguese, but I’ve been translating more and more posts to English, so the information, tips and inspiration can reach more and more people everyday. LOVE […]

    Blogging Youtube

    30 post and video content ideas for the next month [3]

    Ei amorecos. Tava aqui elaborando a listinhas de assuntos para criar conteúdo neste mês, e caiu uma ficha. Estes tópicos super servem também para vídeos, né? Não tinha visto por esse lado antes. Então espero que ajude a galerinha que prefere gerar esse tipo de mídia!

    Instagram Photo editing

    Aesthetic edit: How to make the cutest glitter effect on your pics

    Well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know I’m a huuuuuge fan os the app Meitu, right? Basically everything photo edit related that I do (on my phone!!) I use Meitu. If I’m on my computer, I’ll definitely go with Photoshop. I try to use other apps, I look for cool […]


    Freebie: October weekly planner to finally help you get your life organized

    Here I am, once again, going on and on about the weekly planners that I love so much, and that have changed my life 💖🥂 I’ve been using this organization system for a year, after I needed to organize my vacation trip and found out weekly planning works so much better for me than daily […]

    Feeds Freebies Instagram

    Freebie! Super cute pink covers for Instagram Stories Highlights

    Hey there pink lovers!! 🙋🏽‍♀️ So I came up with this pack with 50 Instagram Stories Highlight cover illustrations. They’re super cute and of course.. PINK! 💗💗💗 I made them in two versions. One is pink with white background, and the other is white with pink background. You can pick the one you prefer. If […]

    Freebies Graphic Design Stickers

    Freebie! 70’s style png and vector stickers pack with a hippie vibe

    Hi! I’m back with another pack of cute stickers to download for free and use right now anywhere you want ✌ 🌼☮ This pack has a a 70’s theme. They’re perfect to use on your designs for social media or wherever you prefer. * CLICK TO DOWNLOAD * As always, I’ll also make available in […]

    Instagram Lifestyle photography

    Fun creative shot ideas for family photos you’ll absolutely LOVE!

    I know, family photo ideas are easy to find online. It turns out that the vast majority of the references we find are those super saturated and artificial photoshoots, which is not very fun … And that’s not quite what we’re looking for, right? When I went to research images to make this post, I […]

    Feeds Graphic Design Instagram

    Instagram Feed Aesthetic: The Blogger One

    Hiii! Continuing the series of feeds designed to inspire your photos and instas, today are we’re diving into the BLOGGER style 💓✨ To create this design I followed minimalist, feminine aesthetics prioritizing neutral tones, especially a soft shade of lavender and pink. The temperature of the photos is cold, and white backgrounds predominate. Instagram Blogger […]