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    Graphic Design Instagram

    3 easy aesthetic edit ideas using free apps

    Hey guys! 🐞 These three aesthetic edits I’m sharing with you on this post today are super easy to do, and require nothing but free apps. The ideas can be used to create an Instagram feed with a cohesive theme, or in random designs. I did create a feed design with each one of the […]

    Art Graphic Design

    Happy #MerMay! Here’s a beautiful png mermaid tail for you to play with

    As you all know, May is all about the mermaids 🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏽🐚🌊💦 #MerMay has become a wonderful tradition in the art digital community, and I couldn’t wait to participate. Instead of an illustration, I’ll give my contribution in form of a timelapse video of a Photoshop manipulation of a lady diving into the ocean being turned […]

    Stories Wallpapers Whatsapp

    10 adorable mother’s day free images to post on social media

    Mother’s day is coming, girls! Every year there’s a huge commotion online with people from all around the world honouring their beloved mom’s in the sweetest ways. So I wanted to share my contribution for that global celebration with a few Mother’s Day social media post designs 💖✨ In addition to that morning call (for […]


    May is here! And here are some cute images to post on social media and spread some love

    Yep. It’s gonna be May! 🙏🏽💜 And even though things could be better right now, we should try and focus on our blessings, and live our lives to the fullest, with our hearts full of gratitude for another month alive. Well, by now I think you all know the drill, right? I’ve made a few […]

    Graphic Design

    Introducing: the LAS Design Store

    Hey guys, how are you all holding up? 💖 With all that has happened lately in the world, the launching of my online design store here on the blog did not go as I had expected, for obvious reasons.. But it is up, and I’ve been getting the best feedback from all of you have […]

    Feeds Instagram

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 5 of 5: Uniqueness

    And here we finally are, chicas. We’ve reached the last post of our Instagram feed special! 🦄💜 We’ve been through the importance of brightness, alignment, disposition, filters and now we’ll talk about uniqueness.That finishing touch that will make your feed authentic, special and different from everyone else’s 💖💫🤩 Of course, this step is optional. You […]

    Feeds Instagram

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 4 of 5: Filters and photo editing

    Hello my beautiful chicas! How are you all doing? I know you’re looking forward to this fourth step of our special, so I have prepared this content with a lot of love and dedication ✨💖💫 If you haven’t checked out the first posts, this is the beginning. Start there 🙂 And now let’s talk about […]

    Feeds Instagram

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 3 of 5: Disposition

    I’ll start the post apologizing for the delay! 😣 I was supposed to have published this post sooner, but the last days were super busy around here with a lot of stuff going on! Anyway, shall we resume our special? 💖💫 If you haven’t read the previous posts yet, we’ve already talked about the importance […]

    Feeds Instagram

    How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 2 of 5: Alignment

    Hey guys! Continuing our special in 5 steps of how to have an Instagram feed that is neat, beautiful and authentic (I keep changing these three words to keep you interested haha), today we’ll focus on the ALIGNMENT. Yesterday I wrote a lot about the importance of brightening the photos well, so if you haven’t […]