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Instagram Wallpapers

The 40 cutest pink tumblr wallpapers for iPhone e Android

Heyy guys! Pink tumblr wallpapers are my favorites. They’re so feminine and cute, but at the same time super cool and fun. And they make our phones look awesome. So I’ve sellected 40 design options, including tumblr collages, pictures, illustrations, text, art.. a little bit of everything. All ofe them super cute and pink 💗✨ […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Boho style: What it is and how to wear it

Boho style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And before many people could really understand what it was about, the meaning got lost and vague in a confusing way. It’s common to see grunge looks, or very basic 90’s style outfits being called boho. Why? I have no idea, I swear! 😂 […]


What is #TBT? Learn what it means and how to use the hashtag correctly

Hi guys! All good? 😊 I decided to write this post here quickly, because that’s a question I get asked frequently. So what is #tbt? I think by now, most people are aware that a #TBT is just an old photo you post on a Thursday. And basically, that’s all it is. But hang in […]