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Aesthetic edit tutorial: How to make photos look aesthetic with literally one click (and for free!)

aesthetic edits

We all know it’s not just about taking good pictures anymore, right guys? 😌

The editing is just as important as the content of the photo nowadays. And aesthetic edits are cooler than ever.

Usually there’s a specific way you want your pics to look. The dream? To get them to have that unique feel, that Pinterest quality, the good old tumblr photo vibe. Or as we’ve been calling them recently… ✨A E S T H E T I C ✨

So, after you’ve put some effort in taking a super cute and cool pic, here’s how you turn it into the aesthetic image of your dreams 💖

Aesthetic edit step by step

  1. Open the app PREQUEL. If you love aesthetics as much as I think you do, you probably already have this app. If you don’t have it yet, download it YESTERDAY girl! haha! But srsly, do it. And you can go ahead and ignore the premium banners, the free version will do for now.
  2. The aesthetic filters are on the “effects” section. So click it and pick your fav. BOOM! You can calibrate the effect you chose by clicking the effect image one more time after you’ve selected it.

To give you a hand, here are some of the coolest effects, witch in my opinion are the most aesthetic ones. The others are also super cool, and you’ll definitely want to use them in other types of editing.

The original image

TIP: You can save your favorite effects to easily find them again in your next edits. This is extremely useful considering the amount of options the app offers. Plus it will save your effect with the tuning you’ve set, so you don’t have to waste time doing that again either.


Prequel is the best app to make your photos look aesthetic with literally one tap. They’re always ahead of the trends and the effects are absolutely stunning. Not just from my point of view of a fan of editing, but from the one of an experienced graphic designer too 🙂

Kudos and thanks to those beautiful angels who developed the app, I truly love u.




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