How to create a ransom note effect – 3 ways

ransom note edit effect 1

Hi guys!

I posted a reel tutorial on my Insta recently about the ransom note edit, did you see it? But I thought I could elaborate a bit here on the blog since that’s a hot edit trend right now. So here it goes! ✨✨

The ransom note writing style is the one where different letters cut out from magazines, newspapers etc are used to form the words and sentences. As if you were trying to disguise who’s the sender.

Nowadays we can just print out a message, there’s no need to go to all that trouble. But that’s how people used to do it, and that’s where the name of this edit and writing style comes from, in case you were wondering! 😆

To create this effect used to be a no brainer. Get your scissors and old magazines and start cutting and pasting, right? I love this technique, and recommend you try it. To stay away from screen and digital stuff for a change, you know?

This is a fun, therapeutic and artistic thing to do. As long as you’re not ACTUALLY kidnapping somebody and asking for ransom… of course! 🧐

It’s undeniable thought that we have digital resources to help out and reaaaally facilitate the process, though. And sometimes all you really want is a simple photo edit.

Photoshop immediately comes to mind. All it takes is to import the random letters, that you can find on google images for example. Then you cut them and arrange the words nicely.

Once the message is completed and looking good, I recommend adding a bit of grain (filter/ noise) to blend the image with the letters, plus adding a paper texture.

Easier than that? You can use the app Prequel. The free version includes the ransom note effect, and allows you to edit the size, hight and other details of the design. It’s very easy and looks super cool.

I can’t stress enough how much I love Prequel for aesthetic edits! 💖✨

ransom note edit effect 1

Press play to see how I did it:

That’s all for today, guys. See you again soon!



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