Off topic: The best one case true crime podcasts / investigative podcast seasons EVER!

best true crime podcasts 2020

So I’m one of those people who really, REALLY love criminal investigation. You probably know a few, or, since you’re here, likely ARE one 👊🏽

I’m constantly looking for true crime or investigative podcasts to listen to, ever since Serial happened in my life. I’ve been addicted to criminal investigation books, movies and shows for many years, until I finally listened to Sarah Koenig’s work and enjoyed it a lot. Now I listen to investigative podcasts all day long while I work, basically.

Funny thing is I totally disagree with Sarah’s opinion on the case she discussed. But it’s not even about that. I just enjoy learning about mysteries, and most of all, I love understanding how the criminal investigations are developed, and overall, I enjoy knowing more about how the human mind works. Particularly when it’s under stress and/or pressure.

So these true crime podcasts I listed below all have entire seasons discussing just one case, so they’re all what they call “long form”. There are many, many true crime podcasts that cover one case per episode, but they’re not my favorite.

I’ve listened to all of these, if you have any questions about any of them before you start listening, let me know.

Best one case true crime podcasts / investigative podcast

I’d like to thank the reddit community, specially this thread, for all the tips on shows to listen to. I got many of these tips from it.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions 🙂



Here’s the image to save on your phone or Pinterest to have your own check list:

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