Cute emoji combinations to copy and paste: The ultimate collection ✌🏽

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We all know that emojis are much more than just little drawings on our keyboards. They have become a huge part of our communication nowadays, and are very efficient in adding actual emotion to what we type. And that’s big.

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That’s why I prepared these combination ideas, to help you decide which ones to use on your status, on a special post or text, or your Instagram bio, for example.

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Remember: emojis look different depending on your type of device and system. So I apologise if come of the icons look different, or it seems like it doesn’t match. I used the iOS emojis as reference, since i had to pick one. But you’ll see there are many options, so if one emoji is not good, you can replace for another one.

You can just copy and paste them if you want! And there’s also an image below the list, if you want to save or pin all of them for the future.

Emoji combinations by color


Emoji combinations by mood


Here are the images to save or pin the whole set:

Thanks for the visit you guys! Hope you enjoy these… 🧚🏽💫




By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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Hi, I’m Lu! Welcome to the L.A.S.

Hi, I’m Lu! Welcome to the L.A.S.

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