Style trend: space boots (or minimalist combat boots or thigh high chunky boots…)


First time I saw this boot style I had no idea it was already promissed to be such a huge trend this season.

It was on an Instagram post by influencer Caroline Daur. I immediately fell in love with the round, wide toes, the minimalist design, the shinny leather texture… The simplicity, but also the futuristic kinda mood? You know? Hahaha!


New on the shop:

And then it was all around New York Fashion Week street style crowd. Boom! Its happening. I quickly found out the “chunky boots” were already a thing, but I’d only see it in short and medium hight versions.

Afterwards, while covering the fashion shows in London, I realized the thigh hight minimalist combat boots were now the ones about to become a huge hit. I was particularly amazed by Victoria Beckham’s pair. Oh my god. GIVE ME 😭

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2020

Actually, one of the things that caught my attention fashion wise since I moved to London is how big combat boots are here right now. I know it’s a punk classic, so naturally also a British classic, but I had no idea in what degree it as trending this year.

So, considering that girls are loving them combat boots more than evah, and that minimalism is one of the hottest aesthetics of our times, it’s understandable why designers (especially Brits!) might want to put the two things together, right?

I’ve been trying to find more information about this boot style, at least so I know what to call it! I’ve been unsuccessful so far, so I’ve been sticking with space boots, althought I prefer “minimalist combat boots”, tbh.

Versacce Fall 2020

First of all, because they have some characteristics of a combat boot like the black, leather material, round thick toes, sometimes platforms or track soles even. Second, cause most of them (my favorites) don’t have any types of visible tying cords, laces or buckles. So the overall look is super minimalist, but definitely a bit retro-futuristic like the space age style of the 60s.

I think the reason I don’t want to call them “space boots” is because of the insane trend by that same name that happened back in 2003, 2004 that I totally loved and embraced. Up until a week ago I would eventually recollect those times and cringe at the thought of the awfulness. And now I’m all but WERE they THAT awful?? HAHAHA!

(thank god I have no pics of that time, so let’s just move the f on!)

Christian Dior Fall 2020

Opposite to pointy toe boots and even regular toed boots, these ones have a heavier style. That might be one of the reasons for it’s success, considering that chunky sneakers, chunky brogues clogs, flatforms and all sorts of heavy, comfortable and many times “ugly”shoe types have been trending so much lately.

Versacce Fall 2020

It’s worth mentioning that some models of these new “minimalist but heavy” boots I’m referring to are actually a variation of Chelsea boots. Those are super in right now as well, and have been called just chunky boots, like I’ve mentioned above.

Variations of other classic types of boots have also been adapted to this new super cool and modern style I’m talking about. For example biker boots, riding boots, even rain boots ffs! hahaha!

Anyway guys, I’ll keep doing my research to learn more about this trend, so this post will probably be updated soon. For now, here are my favorite space boots (and similar styles) presented on the latest fashion month shows:

Good news my birthday is coming. Can somebody please call my boyfriend and please let him know VB space boots are the only item on my wishlist? ahaha! 😇



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