How to add “swipe up” to Instagram Stories – Step by step


Ask anybody who’s been working on their Instagram growth and they’ll all agree that being able to use the “swipe up” feature is HUGE to get big results in the platform. The swipe up, basically, allows you to add an outbound link to your Instagram Stories for the viewer to, well, swipe up and click it 💖

Instagram has always been super careful with allowing the use of links in posts, mainly because it sends users outside of their app, which is the last thing they want. But another reason is the potential misuse of links, generating spam and promotional floods annoying the heck out of all of us. Which kinda makes sense 🤷🏽

That’s why, and you probably know this by now, the “swipe up” feature is available only to Instagram business accounts with over 10,000 followers, or verified accounts. That might change in the future, who knows. But for now, that’s the rule.

If that’s your case, here’s a quick tutorial:

How to add a swipe up link to an Instagram Story – step by step:

  1. Create a Story
  2. You’ll see a chain link icon. Tap it and type or paste the URL you want the viewers to be redirected to.
  3. Let people know there’s a link there by adding a text or gif! Search for “swipe up” and you’ll find plenty.
  4. Save your story as a Highlight to make sure it’s always accessible to your followers and viewers, and that it doesn’t disappear after 24h.
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That’s it! So easy right?



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