Instagram Feed Aesthetic: The Blogger One


Continuing the series of feeds designed to inspire your photos and instas, today are we’re diving into the BLOGGER style 💓✨

To create this design I followed minimalist, feminine aesthetics prioritizing neutral tones, especially a soft shade of lavender and pink. The temperature of the photos is cold, and white backgrounds predominate.

Instagram Blogger Feed Style

So long after I had created this feed, I got asked about it so much, I tried to recreate the filter I used, this time on VSCO. But it’s worth mentioning here that what makes this feed so beautiful is the quality of the photos, more than anything. Of course the filter makes it even more special, but what has more weight here are the photos themselves, which are BEAUTIFUL. See how clean they are. There are no ugly objects appearing in the corners and distracting the view.

There is a harmony in the colors, with the soft purple tones matching, the same with the blues. Black background quotes punctuate the posts in the middle column of the feed, making the feed cooler and younger, preventing it from becoming too bright. And the triplegrams are super interesting, one of the city skyline with the photo of the girl in the middle and another of the 3 look photos.

Having a feed like this is not easy, believe me. But it is worth it if you are willing to make the sacrifices. To better understand what I mean, take a look at my special about insta feed aesthetics , in which I talk more deeply about the topic! 😍💗

Now that I’ve spoken about the importance of the content and composition of the photo, which is bigger than the editing, let’s check the VSCO filter for this feed that you guys love oh love so much!

The color palette:

And here are some nice pics to fill you feed when they your out of personal photos. Essentialiving’s selection is amazing, I downloaded some, but there’s more on her profile. All other images below are from Unsplash too :)

Theres A LOOOT of pics, so hang in there fam



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