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Instagram feed aesthetic: Angel Baby


As requested, guys! 💗🍦🎀

A dear friend loooves soft aesthetic, which she refers to as angel baby and I 100% had no idea it even had a name haha! But it’s easy to recognise when you work with design and aesthetic like myself 🙂

I agree it’s a super cute aesthetic, and I had a great time creating this feed. It’s sweet, innocent, very teen style form the 80s, 90s, highly “feminine”. As girlie as it gets, in the traditional concept obviously.

I did have a time finding the right images though. I’ve been challenging myself not to use Pinterest photos anymore, since they’re not copyright free, so on new posts I only go with Unsplash. It’s the right thing to do now that I’m taking the blog so seriously.

If I had used Pinterest and Tumblr photos it would’ve been SO easy to complete this feed in FIVE MINUTES! There are so many angel baby images around those websites, it’s crazy. But I took the challenge, got some coffee, and 5 hours later here I am ahah 😇

Angel baby insta feed aesthetic


To help me search for the pictures, I found this awesome video on Youtube. It’s about the elements commonly used in this aesthetic, and it truly guided me through the process.

Even if I already knew what it as about, it was very informative!

But hey, I know what you came here to see. The filter, right? Many of you even ended up here on the blog just looking for that.. 💕💅🏽

Well, there’s 2 steps. First, the VSCO filter, that I’ll display down below, and afterwards a Meitu filter to give it more of a retro feeling. Let me know if you have any questions.

And this is what I did on Meitu:

Filter: MP5 50%

You guys, the Meitu step makes a huge difference, believe me. Especially if your pic is high resolution. If you blur it a little, like a did, the mood gets more soft, the pic looks more retro, and the aesthetic is more evident.

And now the cute sweet adorable girly color palette hahaha:

light baby pink color palette soft aesthetic

And the pics, in case you need them. All from Unsplash, all edited by me:

Did you like it? I hope so!



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