Instagram Feed Aesthetic : Beach


How are you guys doing? Our feeds theme today is THE BEACH! So this one goes to all you mermaids out there 🧜🏽‍♀️🐚🐠🌊🧜🏽

I know many of you, like myself, love the summer, the sea, the sun, and everything to do with it. And those are such inspiring elements, it’s no wonder designs that have them as the central theme are usually super attractive, interesting and likable.

So if it’s your intention to pursue something like this, either for a long term feed, or just during the summer, I strongly encourage it.

Check it ou below:

To give the feed that fresh look, while editing your images, make sure you lower the temperature (on VSCO you can use the “white balance”tool) and adding a bluish undertone to the shadows (“split tone” tool). But as I always say: do not overdo this so the pic doesn’t look over edited.

The color palette for this feed:

And here are some of the images I used, plus a couple you can download for your own feed:

Beach Insta feed images:

Hope you like it, let me know! âš“💙💚



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