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30 free paper textures for backgrounds ready to download and use

Heyy guys, how are you doing?

Don’t you just love using good quality textures on design backgrounds? I’m always alert while browsing the web for good resourses to download and collect 💕✨

I love using paper textures because they’re light and easy to blend in, and it gives a human touch to the composition.

New on the shop:

So I made this sellection with 30 great options. You’ll find wrinkled paper, old antique ones, striped, with a retro border, pink, green… lots of styles!

Click the links below to download each one individually, or you can download all of them here !

Paper textures

Hope you like it, my loves! 😇🥂




By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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Hi, I’m Lu! Welcome to the L.A.S.

Hi, I’m Lu! Welcome to the L.A.S.

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