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30 post and video content ideas for the next month [2]

Guys, I resumed the plan for the end of the month to come here to suggest a list of post guidelines for you to create on your blogs. I had done it a while ago [here], and then I ended up not doing it anymore. Now that the blog has grown and I have a lot of readers, I decided to come back! 🐣✨

I have already said and I repeat: it is absolutely essential to maintain good frequency and consistency of content creation, in whatever medium you want to stand out. Youtube channel, blog, Instagram, wherever. And as having ideas of what to post sometimes catches us, short lists of this type are super useful.

I don’t say that out of mouth. After all, my role here is not just to lecture about how to make your blog rock, I also seriously strive to make my own blog successful haha! And I’ve been studying and practicing this for some time, with good results today.

As I said in the previous post: if you can make the 30 posts below on your blog, very cute, with well-written content, beautiful images, sharing on social networks (especially Pinterest and Facebook) you will be very successful in your success from your blog 💖💖

These are generic tips, for blogs on lifestyle, fashion, beauty … But I think it can be adapted to other areas as well, changing the focus of each agenda a little to something more specific that you want.

Precious tips:

💡 I don’t include “Look of the day” posts so consider a bonus. They are always welcome! If you manage to post some looks throughout the month, your content volume will increase even more.

💡 When posting about your top 5 movies, for example, include the trailer (youtube sharing iframe) and some Google images.

💡 When photographing your room, office, wardrobe, etc., always, always, ALWAYS take pictures during the day, with as much light as possible. If you are not aware of photoshop, also use the VSCO app to increase the exposure of the photo and decrease the temperature. Well-lit and “cool” photos are more beautiful and have more impact. I’ll talk more about this in another post, but start putting it into practice!

💡 Don’t forget to pin all images of all your posts and include good descriptions. Pinterest is a key ally of bloggers!

💡 Always on all posts, preferably with good resolution images. This is very important!

(I repeated this list of tips from the previous post because I think they are very important)

To further professionalize your blog, see here all the tips on monetization 💗




By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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