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Triplegram – What it is and how to use it make your Insta feed look amazing

coach triplegram

Hellooo guys! How are you all doing? 💖💖

So, a triplegram is a set of three posts on your Instagram feed that are connected visually somehow. They can only have similar design unifying them aesthetically compared to the other posts, or be even more similar, like three photos from the same photoshoot. Or it could even be one photo cropped into three, in a mosaic style.

I’ve been seeing lot of people are using triplegrams these days as a pattern for their instagram feed designs, always publishing images with that sequence in mind. Other users use the technique only once in a while, in the middle of the feed.

On my Instagram I don’t have a lot of rigidity about triplegrams, but my feed is planned for the three photos in the same line to have some kind of unit. Sometimes the connection between the images is clear, sometimes is subtle.

cute pink feminine girlie minimal instagram feed
Update 2020: this was my feed back in 2017, I couldn’t keep it haha

There’s also the Instagram feed dividers, also triplegrams, but used more specifically to separate old and new themes, to mark the beginning of a new phase, a new project, etc. I’ve posted a few dividers here and here if you want to take a look 🙂

The negative side of Triplegrams

Well chicas, I have to say. From my own experience I say: maintaining the triple line standard is a lot of work! And it greatly limits the creativity of the account user. I can’t even count how many posts I’ve missed because I didn’t fit the pattern! 🤬🤬

I mean, it’s hard enough to maintain the aesthetics of the feed as a whole (in my case the shades of pink, very clear photos, with a feminine and cool mood, very clean and modern linked to technology, homeoffice, fashion, beauty, etc), so adding triplegrams to that makes it even harder. For that reason, I live a war of love and hate with triplegram, and I don’t know how much longer I will endure haha! (update june 2019: already quit 😂)

Another bad side of it: you should post the 3 photos with as little time as possible between them. If you don’t, the puzzle you’re creating might look meaningless. And for those building their Instagram following, posting too much at once might not be the best strategy.

kylie jenner triplegram

However, if I chose to post my batch of 3 photos throughout the day, instead of posting it all at once, if you access my profile to contemplate the artistic wonder that is my feed (hahaha), most of the time the triplegram line won’t look right. So you should release everything at once, or else it just won’t work. Think about that ok, angel? 🤓

I’d also advise you to work on nice visuals for each of the posts by their own, so that it will be interesting to look at when your followers see them on their feeds. It’s not often that they’ll actually visit your profile, so the individual posts are more important than whatever they form on your actual feed design 💕

coach triplegram
Posts on these triplegrams look pretty individually, not just as a group

If you have some time, take a look at this post I made about problematic Instagram feed designs, where I elaborate on this subject.

The positive side of Triplegrams

Your feed will look beautiful! That is the only advantage, and if for you it’s enough, then maybe you should go for it.

How to make Triplegrams

I create and plan my Insta feed on Photoshop. Very old style, photo by photo, everything is assembled in a huge file with 3k pixels in width that I later crop individually, when I am satisfied with the overall look hahah! But for those who do not have advanced knowledge of PS, I suggest apps like UNUM and Preview, that are excellent!

So open the app and arrange your future posts nicely. If your triplegram is going to be just 3 separate photos, you can edit them on your favorite app (I like VSCO and Meitu) and place them side by side, to see if they need any more editing or adjustments. Now, if you’re going for the big cropped image divided in 3 posts, apps like Photosplit will allow you to do that. You can upload the parts to the feed planing app and preview the complete design.


In conclusion, the biggest tool will be your creativity to plan what to post and when. Choose the shades that match the feed, the types of photos that should go in each place, etc. But today I’m not going to go into that. The goal with this post was to help you understand what a triplegram is and how to have one, so I hope that’s been achieved. (Update: I made a series of 5 posts starting with this one with tips on how to organize your feed and make it look great!) 💝💫



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