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How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 4 of 5: Filters and photo editing

Hello! I know you are looking forward to this fourth step of our manual, so I have prepared a very nice and super complete content for you ✨💖💫

Remembering very quickly, this special teaching to have an organized feed already had these posts (click on them to read!):

  1. Lighting
  2. Alignment
  3. Distribution

And now let’s talk about your highness, the filter 👑

I think if you’re looking for information on how to have a feed organized, you already know very well how important all the photos in the feed have the same aesthetics. So at the very least, it is crucial to use the same filter for all the photos that are posted.

Okay, so far everyone knows. But just applying a filter may not be enough. To have that uniform look with all the photos really integrated, you need to regulate brightness, intensity, contrast, etc. Because while the filter applies a lot of edits to the photo, the result may be different depending on how it originally was. So this special attention is key!

Which filter is right for me?

Of course the filter that is right for you will depend on your personal taste, but to find which one suits you the most, you will need to try some otpions. And there are so many design features so far infinity that we get overwhelmed with options and this hangs on us. Have you noticed?

Foto de uma mão segurando um celular tirando foto de objetos em uma cama.

Reflect on what you like best: well colored or with little saturation? Cold or hot? Super light or darker? With enough contrast or more lavadão? With indie footprint or more pro pop? Rosinha? Super minimalist? Grainy? The possibilities are endless! 🙈🙈🙈

Search on the Insta, Pinterest, even here on my blog for pretty feeds, to see which one makes you feel: this is so me! If you haven’t already done so, create a board on Pinterest and add the references that match your ideal feed. This doesn’t mean that you will copy someone’s style but that you’ll get to have a better sense of what kind of feed you want, and create your own.

Can I have an exclusive filter?

For sure! My recommendation for this would be the VSCO CAM app, probably the best and most popular one that exists for image processing.  Iou can use a native filter of the app, regulating the intensity of it, and then calibrate, editing more or less brightness, saturation, etc. The intensity you choose for each tool is at your discretion, so the result will be really unique. Best of all is that you just need to recreate it in a photo. After it is ready, you click on it, go to the three dots that are on the right underneath, click on “copy” and then select the other photos and in the same place select “paste edits”. ABRA CADABRA! ✨✨✨

Remembering that several other apps also have super cute filters. I love those of Meitu and Unum, which are the other two image editing apps I use on my phone and, despite having another main focus, they also knock out the filter options and I use them straight. Look at this cool:

➡ Important: I said this at the very end of the first post about lighting the photos and promised to go into more detail in this. If you want, for example, the famous and so craved white feed, filter will not do the magic alone. At the time of taking or choosing the photos you will need to take this into consideration. Like, if the goal is a whole pink feed, the more your photos have color taps, the better.

So many people ask me: Lu, how do I get a feed like X? And I respond: the first thing is to get used to giving up some photos that have nothing to do with the X style, and create enough content that matches the style. Once you’ve done that, you apply a filter that will level them even more. To illustrate this point, here are some feeds I’ve created:

The greater your commitment to photos that follow the style you want, the greater the chance of it being consistent. But that will mean giving up nice photos and special moments just because “does not match the feed” hahaha. Then think about how much this commitment is worth to you.

Kim Kardashian edited the tone of North’s magazine cover to match her Insta feed. To post the original, she placed it on the second slide, and explained all of it, very sincerely on the caption 🌷

But remember: it is possible to have a good feed without radicalizing. No one wears a pink piece of clothing every day of their lives, or manages to take an ultra minimalist photo, or a Californian summer landscape 😂😂

Moving on, I’ve created 4 filter options as suggestions for you guys! You use them as they are, or change some detail (and keep it a secret hehe) to keep it unique!

💡Two very important considerations on these 4 examples:

– All these pics are from Unplash, all taken by professionals with professional machines. Photo quality greatly influences the effect of the filter. But with today’s cell phones you can take AWESOME photos, so no excuses, okay?

– Before applying the filters, brighten up all of the photos. But I’ve said enough about this already, right? hahaha

Which filters are most beautiful?

I can give you 1 trillion examples here of how there are a plethora of filter styles that are incredible. I’ve heard of many places that bluish color-based filters generate more likes. And I see many influencers decreasing the saturation of the photo (makes colors less vibrant), and increasing the contrast and the brightness. Putting all this together you have a very popular and beautiful filter. So if you’re looking for the ideal filter formula, you can try to take that path. But nothing better than following your own style!

Instagram feed examples:

Let’s put this step into practice? 🦋

I used a very simple blue filter on our feed. This is what it looks like. So much better! Click the images to enlarge!!

Iluminei, alinhei, distribui e apliquei um filtro mais frio e com contraste

Pheww! What a post looongo. I hope it’s useful to someone. Any questions, comments or comments, the comments box is below 💗💗



By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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