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Instagram Puzzle Feed: what is and how to make yours (+ a template for free download!)


There’s a lot of people out there right now dreaming of a beautiful Instagram feed expressing their own asthetic and personality, right? Since I started designing feeds in various styles and posting here on the blog, Pinterest and Stories, I have noticed the huge interest of you in the subject, and people from all over the world have been talking to me about the topic 💕

And often the this dream feed you’re all thinking about has a super cool intertwined design, with posts that, together, form different images, like a puzzle. That’s what we call an Instagram Puzzle Feed, nice to meet you!

I think it’s super cool, I’ve created several for clients and I think it’s really fun to see. But despite the initial excitement and dazzle of contemplating a beautiful puzzle, there are really negative sides, and I want to talk about them here so you’re well aware of everything before you get into that trend, okay? 😊😊

✅ The positive side of an Instagram Puzzle Feed

The positive is one: the feed looks beautiful. That beautiful one that is not only aesthetic, but that involves a whim and even a cleverness of knowing what to put where and why. You feel a dedication and a good taste of the owner of the profile that created a beautiful design and now has that super special and worked feed. #FEEDGOALS without a doubt, right? 💗

❌ The negative side of an Instagram Puzzle Feed

Incredibly, the puzzle has several drawbacks. I’ll put in topics to make it easier to separate ideas, okay?

  • It takes a lot of work to maintain. So I recommend the most puzzle for commercial accounts, which already has a professional team of designers managing the account. Still the reality is that it will consume a great time and energy for each post, which costs dindin, right? And does the cost benefit really pay off? If we look at the positive point I mentioned above, the entire feed looks beautiful, even worth it. But if we consider each single post, the thing changes figure ….
  • Individual posts do not look so beautiful, have less chance of engagement and less strength with Instagram algorithms. This is because the impact to your follower is greater when you post a single photo, filling the entire square of the post without interventions of graphics, fonts, miscellaneous collages and the like. And the posts of a puzzle are always full of firsts. Does it look all right? Stay. But the contact of your followers with your Instagram is more in the visualization of each individual post than with your complete feed, since it is not every time that we enter there in the profile of the account to see the feed, right?
  • The loss of the spontaneity of those day-to-day photos that come up and we love and do not want to think too much, just want to post and let the likes roll loose … Say goodbye to this if you choose a puzzle! So you have to roll a pretty balance to know if that’s the way you want to go with your feed, be it branded or individual, okay?

How to make an Instagram puzzle?

There are apps that help you build your own, just search online so you can find several. But rarity the result is THAT WONDER because a beautiful puzzle usually has to have the finger of a designer involved with the entire tailor-made planning. You can buy online puzzle layouts as well, including several suuuuper beautiful options that I babble to see. In addition to this awesome puzzle that the fairy Lu here made especially for you, especially for this post, because I am a person of great heart 💗

For those who lead super way with image editing programs like photoshop, my suggestion is to create a file 1000px square, increase 300% in width and 500% in height, put the leader lines dividing the posts and start playing in the total area of ​​what would be the complete feed. Always taking each individual post into account, and not just thinking about the whole!

When you have everything ready, I suggest flattening the image, and tinkering the color a bit so that the entire layout gets a unique filter. It can be in the selective color, playing with the neutral tones, or putting more yellow in the whites, take out or increase the vibration … This time of to release the creativity and to see the visual that you like more. Then just cut out each square and save in jpeg to post one by one!

What do you guys think

So for those who want to try, here I made available the Photoshop file of the puzzle. You can customize by replacing the photos of the design with your own, of course, and editing the texts, colors, etc. The download is free and the use released <3

instagram puzzle feed




By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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