Instagram Puzzle Feed: what it is and how to make yours (+ a template for free download!)

puzzle instagram feed

Guys! 🤩

So many of you have been dreaming of a beautiful Instagram feed to express your own personality and favorite aesthetic, right?

Since I started designing feeds in various styles and posting here on the blog, Pinterest and Stories, I’ve noticed the huge interest of you in the subject, and people from all over the world have been asking me about it 💕

Puzzle feed design by Lu Amaral Studio

In some cases, the dream feed you’re hoping to achieve has a super cool intertwined design, with posts that, together, form different images, like a puzzle. The super acclaimed PUZZLE FEED 😌💖

I think puzzle feeds are cool. I’ve created several for clients and I know the visual effect can be impressive. But despite the initial excitement and dazzle of contemplating a beautiful puzzle, there are negative sides, and I want to talk about them here so you’re well aware of everything before you get into that trend, ok? 😊😊

🌷 The positive side of an Instagram Puzzle Feed

The positive is this: the feed looks beautiful. A kind of beauty that is just not about the aesthetic of each photo, but that involves a whim and even a cleverness of knowing what to put where and why. You feel the dedication and a good taste of the user that created a beautiful design and now has that super special and cared for feed 💗

🥀 The negative side of an Instagram Puzzle Feed

Believe it or not, puzzles have several drawbacks. Here’s a few:

  1. It takes a LOT of work to maintain. That’s why usually puzzle feeds work better with commercial accounts, that already have a professional team of designers taking care of the posts and in this case crafting the puzzle. Still, the reality is that it will consume a great time and energy for each post, which can get expensive if you’re paying for someone’s work. And does the cost/benefit really pay off? 🤔
  2. If we look at the positive point I mentioned above, the entire feed looks beautiful, yes. But if we consider each single post alone, it’s a whole different story. How rarely do you see a single post from a puzzle feed and think: wow, this is gorgeous? 😬
  3. In addition to individual posts not looking so nice, they also have less chance of engagement and perform worse with Instagram algorithms. This is because the impact on your followers is greater when you post a single photo, filling the entire square of the post without interventions of graphics, fonts, miscellaneous collages and the like.
    Bottomline, Puzzle feeds individual posts are often confusing looking. And that’s what your followers will actually see from you. Going to your profile to see your whole feed is not something they’ll be doing too often. Most of them never will 🥺
  4. The loss of the spontaneity of those day-to-day photos that come up out of the blue, and we don’t want (and shouldn’t have) to think too much about, just want to post them and move on haha! You can say goodbye to that if you go for the puzzle! 😫

How to make an Instagram puzzle feed?

📱APPS: There are a few insta puzzle apps out there, but I haven’t seen one that gives amazing results. In my opinion only a designer – I human one haha – can develop a nice puzzle design that works well for Instagram. It requires tailor-made planning. That doesn’t mean you have to be a full time professional designer to do it, tho. As long as you have some Photoshop skills, you might be able to accomplish good results!

Here’s a timelapse I made of one of my designs:

More about this feed here

🛒 BUY: You can also buy puzzle feed layouts online. There are a number of super cute options at Creative Market for example!

🎁 DOWNLOAD: But, as I’ve promised, here’s my little contribution for all of you obsessed with the puzzle and ready to give it a try! Download your free Instagram feed Photoshop template down below: 💗

Here’s a color palette I created in case you want to use the aesthetics on your project:

👩🏽‍🎨 CREATE: If you’d like to start yours from scratch on Photoshop, suggestion is to create 1000px X 1000px file, increase the canva size in 300% width and 500% height, create guide lines dividing the posts and start filling in the whole area of ​​the feed. Always pay extra attention to each individual post though, and not just the whole.

Get your Instagram feed planner Photoshop template:

When you reach a satisfactory design, you can duplicate the image, flatten it, and adjust the color a bit so that the entire layout gets a unique filter. For this you can use the “selective color” tool and play with the neutral tones, add more yellow to the whites, decrease or increase vibration… That’s is when you’ll release your creativity and find out which look you enjoy more.

Next, crop each square and save in jpeg to post one by one!

What do you guys think? About all of this up here 👆🏽👆🏽😛



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