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How to change the color of and object with Photoshop

Whether it’s making the photo more fun, or adjusting something that did not look right in a photo, we often need to change the color of an object in the image, right? It seems like something very difficult to do, but it really isn’t! Let’s go step by step:

  • Open Photoshop and open the image you want to edit.
  • Pick the most appropriate selection tool and mark the desired area. In most cases, I need to select an object with an organic shape, so I use the Polygonal Loop. But in this picture, I will use the elliptical sign, since I want to change the color of the tea that is in the round cup.
  • Next, go to Picture / Adjustments / Hue Saturation. By changing the hue of the selected object, you will see how it changes the color before your eyes. It’s super easy!
  • If you prefer a more subtle change, instead of Hue, you can go into Image / Adjustments / Color Balance. And one of the ones I like the most: Image / Adjustments / Replace color, which allows you to select (within the selection already made), a specific color to change. In this case you can control the intensity of the change better 😉


como mudar a cor de um objeto no photoshop

I hope this is useful!



change color photoshop

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