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“Tumblr photo”: What it means + the 100 most amazing ones EVER

Tumblr. Ahhh if you could imagine how much I L-O-V-E-D that thing! Back in the early days, when Tumblr was the largest network of blogs in the world (in number of blogs created), a promise of world domination, and at the same time an exclusive and private place, the coolest, most creative and special corner of the entire internet. 💜

It is not like that anymore, unfortunately the network has lost its shine more or less since the time it was bought by Yahoo, and, although it still exists, it no longer has that charm. But a fame (very fair, by the way), remained. The cradle of everything that is cool in this world, with or without effort.

What is tumblr? A network of blogs mixed with a social network that peaked between 2009 and 2013, a time when Facebook was still very popular and had a lot of reach and appeal with young people and Instagram still wasn’t booming (because after it boomed, it killed Tumblr ).

Cool was Tumblr. And the platform insisted on positioning itself as a free space and encouraged users (among them many teenagers and young people in general) to be themselves, to interact intimately with their followers and to seek out people with whom they had a lot in common (many tumblrs emerged) to escape the Facebook proposal, for example, which was to have in your contact network who you already know in real life.

In short, nowadays we call tumblr pictures those images that simulate something very natural, but which is very, very cool, usually with a kind of indie air. It always has to do with youth, with Codite, often referring to iconic retro or current themes of popular culture, or to the pleasures of life in general. This explanation that I’m giving here for example, is the opposite of everything that something “tumblr” represents hehehe

I always made the link in my head: tumblr = youth. Maybe that’s why he lost his grace. Aged ?? hahaha kidding! But you know this unexplained thing that a young person has to be just cool, you don’t know how to say why? “Tumblr” things are like that.

shop the tumblr life:

Remembering that Tumblr was, and still is, infested with incredible texts, poems, music, memes, GIFS (!!!!), videos … It wasn’t just a photo. And everything was ultra cool, always!

About the images, what I remember most were galaxies, everything that had to do with planets and astronomy and astrology, pizza, coffee, all series, all cult films, many books, high-waisted denim shorts back in the early days of back from this fashion, well before the rest of the world, very skinny girls, girls and boys with a depressive face, girls and boys covering their faces, hair, messy bun, teen rooms full of polaroids and pedicure lights, netflix (more to the end), cigarette, alcohol, depression, free sexuality, rainbows and unicorns pumping long before – but long before – they became the phenomenon they turned into, in fact almost all the tendencies of this type appeared there like a year before.

Down here are the 100 most tumblr pictures of all time in my opinion. I think they speak more than a thousand words! Hehehe

the 100 tumblerest tumblr photos ever




By Lu Amaral

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