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How to have an organized, pretty and unique Instagram feed – Part 2 of 5: Alignment

Continuing our special in 5 steps of how to have an Instagram feed organized, beautiful and no one has the same, today is ALIGNMENT talking day. Yesterday I wrote a lot about the importance of lightening the photos well, so if you have not read the first post, just click here 💖✨

First of all people, promise me you will not be intimidated by this step! He’s so very important to reach that super cute feed you both want, and I swear it’s so easy to do.

The great thinbg is, this step is kind of a little secret, because I do not see a lot of people taking advantage. And it makes a gigantic difference. Once you start repairing it, it becomes an OBSESSION! hahahahaha (or is it just me 🤨😂😂)

The Importance of Aligning Photos in the Feed

For some reason I can not say, people react well to super organized, harmonic, well-distributed objects. And although it does not give to have total control over the alignment of everything that appears in a photo, of trying to find a balance that greatly favors the image.

Tip: Look for the baseline of the photo. Usually it is the floor, the horizon, walls, etc. In most of the photos we take, they are bent to one side or another. What you need to do is always correct these lines so they stay straight.

Showing it is much easier to explain this point. Look at the difference that a better alignment of the photos made in the feed that I’m creating here for our special:

The rectangles are the places that straighten the lines and the target signals are the repositioning of an object in focus.

How to straighten photos on my phone?

It is very easy! This is also a feature that the phone’s own editor has. And all the editing apps also offer this option. Besides Instagram itself has the tool there, it is included first in the list!

I think the first question popping up in my head when I say this is: do all images always have to be super lines? And the answer is: no. But I suggest that you always take a look at all the photos before posting or before including in your feed planning, if the main lines are straight, if the main object is well positioned and if it is worth making a cut that you value the image as a whole. On a photo can be a beast detail, in the feed the whole result is harmony, whimsy and a more beautiful design.

To center or not to center?

About the main object being well positioned, my suggestion is to interleave well centered photos, with others where the main object is leftmost, others right, and so it goes. That goes for selfies, dog photo, food dish, sunset …

But Lu, there are photos that are much cooler when they are not straight! – I agree! Incidentally, there is a photo that I leave even more crooked than it was originally. Over time we will learn how to get what kind of photo looks cool so, even tortinhas, and how often they should appear in the feed. On my feed I keep the pattern of them super straight, and from time to time various. But the basis of my feed follows the alignment proposal very rigidly. (I’m referring to the professional.) My personal feed is a huge mess hahaha.

I’ve taken 4 feed examples with super-aligned photos. Look how it works both for the more minimalist style and the loaded style, for images of people, objects, environments …

So that’s it, people! This is the second step to reach our #feedgoals and there’s a lot more cool stuff coming around 🦋

I hope you are enjoying and enjoying this special. I’m going to love it if you can leave a comment by saying what you found. And if you want more tips from Insta, you have post here about selfies, here you have several options of dividers to download, and in this post has 60 cool images to use when you are without creativity = P




By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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