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5 things to think before taking a selfie

Love selfies?

No worries. I won’t be getting get into a debate about narcissism here! If you’ve decided to take a selfie (or a thousand) no one can or should stop you, and there’s nothing wrong with that 🤳🏽💕✨

And you can – and should – look super cute/hot/cool PLUS get all the likes after you post it, of course!

Let’s get to the tips for the perfect selfie! 💖💖💖

🔅 1. Is there good lighting (preferably natural light) where I am?

Here comes annoying Lu with her old sermon about natural light. But people, it’s true. This is the most precious tip regarding selfies. If you want to ignore all the others, you can. But follow this one! haha

Run to the backyard. Or just  face an open window. IT’S A GAME CHANGER!

🖼 2. What’s showing up in the background?

Few people pay attention to this. I am particularly addicted to using negative spaces in my photos, so I take my selfies usually with neutral backgrounds. Some might find it boring, so it’s a matter of personal choice. But the hard truth is, if you shoot the pic with a nice background, the chance of the photo having that WOW effect is greater.

So. Look around you. If you can dodge that hanging bag on the doorknob, your sister watching TV, or the bathroom rack full of packaging, do it. I know your face is a beautiful work of nature haha, but switch the focus off it for a moment and observe what is being displayed behind it. More often than not, you’ll just need a few tiny moves ands position adjustments to get a much cooler bg. Trust me.

⟡ New on the shop: ⟡

😋 3. Shall we try a new expression?

We all love selfies, but let’s agree that they all looks repetitive as hell, right? If you change them up a bit, you can end up having a more unique, unusual pic. So before you click, get ready to rock some new expressions, and release your inner actress!

🤙 4. Can I show my hand? Or some cool object I have around?

This trick is easier to explain with pictures than with words. But I’ll try anyway. Have you noticed how many celebrities put their hands on their lips or face when they take selfies? Why does it look so cool? It doesn’t have to be a cute sweet pose, you can go for fun or natural, or just touch your hair, ear, or even caress your face softly.

If you have a nice object nearby, you can also hold it and play with it!

🔝 5. Now lift your phone up just a liiiiiiitle bit..

I used to think everyone knows this trick. The ideal angle for taking selfies is from above. The upper angle gets the best possible lighting, avoiding unflattering shadows. Just a bit, of course, you should never overdo this. But remember this detail so that your beautiful little face looks it’s best everytime, ok?

Just a quick reminder that these suggestions are just that: suggestions. They’re are FAR from being rules. Last weekend, for example, I took a selfie from below and kinda liked it. And sometimes I can’t use natural light at all and I do not care*.



* I care a little, tbh ☺


By Lu Amaral

Aesthete: One having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art - That's me! 💕 Graphic, digital and web design are my livelihood and my favorite hobby. That's how lucky I am.

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