Art Crush: Amazing (and super relatable) illustrations by Yaoyao Ma Van

Extra Hugs For Parker - As ilustrações lindas da Yaoyao Ma Van

Disclaimer: On the Art Crush series I share a few of my fav artists and their work. This content is developed to spread the word about great artists and no commercial agreement has taken place around them.

Yaoyao Ma Van’s illustrations pumped this week on my timeline. Social media’s algorithms, of course, know me better than my friends and family at this point, and they know that her art is SO ME! 💕💖

It Can Wait, Our Song Just Came On! As ilustrações lindas da Yaoyao Ma Van

The drawings show the lifestyle of a single, happy girl who loves the simple things in life and who works with art and design! They are probably works inspired by Yaoyao‘s own life.

Have I never identified myself so much? The only thing that sets me apart from the illustrious ones is the constant presence of a pet. I wish I could have a puppy or kitten living with me! I think that yes, life would be perfect!

Extra Hugs For Parker - As ilustrações lindas da Yaoyao Ma Van

I live alone and lead a life very similar to that portrayed by Yaoyao Ma Van. And what I like most about the drawings is how well it portrays the character’s body expression. It seems that each work says a lot with few strokes.

All Nighter - As ilustrações lindas da Yaoyao Ma Van
There is always a time that comes at that point. Then I manage, and revolutionize and return to the natural order! hehe
Wallow Night - As ilustrações lindas da Yaoyao Ma Van

Me. Myself. 100% moi. Just me.

Although there was a lot of posts promoting the girl’s series of illustrators, I made a point of going to her website and checking out all the works, which are very beautiful. It is super worth accessing and getting to know! You can even buy the illustrations at great prices. The link is this one.

Down here are my favorites! (besides the tea in the rain and the messy table)

What a beautiful job! How good is the feeling of identifying our deepest habits and emotions with people we have never seen in life, right? From the pain, the joys and even the silly and funny things we do without anyone seeing…

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It seems that it makes us close in a certain way. Connected.

Please make sure you check out her work on her official website and follow her on Instagram!



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