Art crush: Chelsea’s Crowns and Creations Mermaid crowns

Disclaimer: On the Art Crush series I share a few of my fav artists and their work. This content is developed to spread the word about great artists and no commercial agreement has taken place around them.

The work of Chelsea’s Crowns and Creations, Australian Chelsea Shiels’ brand, are a real dream. Something that goes beyond beauty. A gem! 🧜🏾‍♀️✨💜

I know that the trend of mystical accessories that refer to mermaids, unicorns, witches, fairies and the like has fallen a lot in the mainstream, but I don’t care. In fact I think it’s a delight to be able to use pieces like that today, even if from time to time, because in the past it was unacceptable. Just for kids and costume parties – AND LOOK THERE! because even to dress up for carnival, halloween or parties in general, if we did a lot of work it would look like a loser, wasting so much time with something silly?

I love the fact that we are at liberty to rescue our fantasy side of when we were children and use YES more playful accessories, but exaggerated and that escape the obvious. It’s free to be happy, people. Oh what a good thing!

All pics are by Chelsea’s Crowns and Creations

Returning to the beautiful crowns, from what she says on her official website, the brand started out as Chelsea’s Flower Crowns which, as the name says, created only flower wreaths. That was before the accessory boom, a few years ago.

The success was huge and their Instagram started to grow a lot. And little by little, the artisan began to adapt to the trend of mermaids and the psychedelic and mystical looks used mainly in music festivals. The result is these incredibly beautiful works of art.

Please continue to enchant us with your stunning art! In addition to the famous crowns, she makes other pieces that follow the same concept, such as bustiers and mermaid tops, glasses full of pendants, fascinators … Make sure to check the official website here.

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