Instagram Feed Aesthetic: Minimal

Minimalism is a very strong trend today. Both in design, as in fashion, architecture and several other visual manifestations, everyone wants to experience “less is more”, even if it is just a little bit.

I created this Instagram feed with that in mind. And since I shared it on Pinterest, I saw how fascinated people were with the beauty of the simplicity of the images and the composition.

Feed Instagram Minimal

Cool, right?

And at the same time elegant and interesting, I think. All the photos are from Unsplash.

There is practically no editing in the images, just a few adjustments I made directly in Photoshop. Because the secret here is not to use the same image treatment filter in the photos, but to choose images that are already super clean.

The second little secret is to alternate the lines, being a clear one, practically all the photos predominantly white, or with neutral tones (gray, off whites, beige,) and natural tones (green of the plants, sky blue, skin color, skin color). coffee ..), and the other dark lines, with a lot of black, shadow play and very little information.

A color palette to follow:

I’ll put a series of super minimalist photos down here for those who are looking to recreate a similar feed. Of course you need to include some of your own photos too, to make sense, right?

Minimalist photos for Instagram

Hope you like this feed and feel inspired by it!



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