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    Graphic Design Instagram

    How to use the shop themes and have your Instagram feed looking exactly like the theme you got

    Girls, Some of you have asked me how exactly are you going to be able to make your insta feeds look like the themes you’ve purchased in our design shop. I know there’s a few questions especially from those who are not used to the graphic design universe yet 😌💖 To make it easy to […]

    Freebies Social media

    Monday morning quotes to get motivated and have the best week EVER!

    yep, the weekend is over. No reason to worry though. There’s a brand new one coming soon, so now it’s time to focus on making this week a great one. Let’s enjoy each and every day properly, taking care of ourselves, dedicating time to work and to rest, catching up with friends and family and […]

    Fashion Instagram photography

    Creative pose ideas for your outfit of the day pics

    Hey guys! Today’s post goes for all the fashionistas out there. I know you’re so excited to be able to finally go out again and rock your awesome outfit of the day for the whole world to see 💃🏽💖✨ But first, a cute pic for the gram, of course! Here’s a gallery with 70+ ideas […]


    Breathers: what they are and how to use them on your Instagram feed

    Hey guys! 🌼✨ By now we’re all pretty familiar with cute instagram posts with illustrations, quotes, nice generic images, or anything that is not an actual photo of ours or a commercial design. So time has come to learn what that type of post is called, and how to correctly use it to up your […]

    Graphic Design Instagram

    3 ways to give new life to old travel photos ⛵✨

    Everyday is throwback day during quarantine, I’m I right? I’ve been seeing more travel pics on my feed lately than back when people were actually allowed to take trips haha! So let’s think of creative ways to post old travel photos and make them special, shall we? Here are 3 ideas I came up with. […]

    Graphic Design Instagram

    How I create my feeds using Photoshop

    Finally, I know! 🙏🏽🌻 Here is the post many of you have asked for, and I’ve been meaning to write for so long! Creating Instagram feeds using photoshop 1. I do all my feed planning on Photoshop. Being a designer, I strongly believe that it’s the best way to place and edit each and every […]

    Graphic Design Instagram Social media

    Instagram Highlight covers design ideas

    Hello there! 🦔💕 If you’re working to improve your Instagram’s design in a cohesive and unique way, you’ve probably considered matching the highlight covers to your whole aesthetic. They’re perfect to accentuate even more the style you’re going for, no doubt about it! So here’s a few design ideas I came up with, that I […]

    Instagram Wallpapers

    The ULTIMATE collection of aesthetic phone wallpapers (iPhone & Android )💕

    Heyy guys! This is the official selection of wallpapers I’ve created for the blog. I used to have them in separate posts, you might have noticed the change. I chose to concentrate all my wallpapers here, so it’s easier for you to find them whenever you need. There’s collage wallpapers, aesthetic, retro style, cool illustrations, […]

    Aesthetics Freebies

    The most AMAZING and unique aesthetic wallpapers for your computer

    I’m always posting phone wallpapers on the blog, so it’s about time I give you guys some desktop wallpapers too, right? Most of us still own a computer and use it to work/study/watch Netflix, so even if our phones are our best friends/a part of our actual bodies hahahaha it’s still important to give our […]